Chapter 4Mature

  The months flew by, and November brought brown leaves and bitter winds. Elijah and I co-existed in harmony; we would talk as if we had been living with each other all of our lives, and when his skin brushed mine I was attacked by an electric current running through me. He was so gentle and kind, with an authoritative presence that made me feel protected. He was puzzling; strange and like a gentleman that only existed in old stories. On my birthday, he gave me a silver necklace of my name, which was so thoughtful and generous. I felt my feelings for him grow stronger as the days passed, and it was harder for me to not scream and cry and tell him that I thought that I was in love with him. How can you love someone after only a few months? I didn’t know, but I was completely sure that I would have done anything for him.

  “Abrielle?” Elijah called to me from downstairs. It was early morning, but I was awake. I hadn’t been sleeping well as nightmares disturbed my slumber. I slowly forced myself to walk downstairs, where he was waiting for me. “Good Morning.” He said to me. I smiled wearily.

  “Good morning, Elijah. You called?” I asked him.

  “Yes... I am going away for awhile; I thought that you should know. It won’t be longer than three days.” He told me. My heart sank.

  “Okay... may I ask why?” I asked. Elijah hesitated.

  “I need to sort out a little problem.” He told me. I smiled.

  “Good luck on your journey. Don’t get into any trouble.” I told him. He smiled.

  “Don’t worry about me.” He said, and then he left.


 I found that I didn’t have much to do; it was a Sunday so I didn’t have to be in the shop or go to school. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, and I couldn’t get rid of a feeling in my gut that told me that something bad was going to happen. I cleaned, I ate, I paced. What did I do before my world revolved around Elijah? I couldn’t even sleep that night to pass the time, although that wasn’t abnormal for me.

  I woke up from what little sleep I got, and made my way to school.


  The knock on the door startled me. Looking at the clock, I realised that after returning home at lunch time (I had no lessons that afternoon) that I had fallen asleep, sitting upright on the sofa. The whole exhaustion thing was really getting to me. I got up and answered, still rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

  “Hello, my name is Damon and this is Elena. We’re friends of Elijah; May we come in?” A tall man asked me. He was very handsome, with an expressive face and eyes that were too light to be matched with his dark hair. The girl beside him was pretty, with long brown hair and dark eyes.

  “Umm...” I wasn’t sure, but decided that there was no harm in inviting them in. “Elijah’s not here at the moment, but you can come in...” I said haltingly. He smiled.

  “Perfect.” He said, and before I could even breathe I was pushed up against a wall. His muscular arm was tight against my windpipe and I was gasping for air. “Where is Elijah?” He asked me calmly. A whistling noise came from my throat as I tried to speak. The girl called Elena looked worried.

  “Damon, you’re hurting her! She can’t even speak!” She told him. I threw her a glance, trying to thank her with my eyes. He loosened his grip and rolled his eyes. He moved his arm slightly and it touched my necklace; he moved back in pain.

  “Her necklace has vervain in it.” He told Elena, before grabbing my shoulders instead. “Answer my question.” Despite my fear, between the outrage and strange courage that had awoken within me I managed to speak.

  “Piss off.” I spat. He raised his eyebrows at me.

  “Fine. Where is Klaus? If you don’t answer this one, I’m afraid I may have to kill you.” He told me.

  “Damon!” Elena shouted, and he turned his head to her. “What?”

  “We’re not going to kill her! She’s not compelled, and she’s done nothing wrong.” I didn’t understand what they were saying, so I decided to speak up.

  “I’ve never met Klaus in my life. I barely know who he is, let alone where he is!” I told them vehemently. He looked at me straight in the eyes, too intently. I could feel my shoulders bruising under his hands.

  “Are you lying to me?” He said very quietly.

  “No. Now, who the hell are you and what are you doing harassing me in my own home!” I shouted.

  “Damon, let her go. She doesn’t know anything!” Elena protested, and Damon did as she said.

  “Who are you?” I repeated, rubbing my shoulders. They both looked at me strangely.

  “I don’t think she knows...” Elena said quietly to Damon. I grew impatient.

  “Know what?!” I asked. He walked towards me, and I held my head high despite the fact that with me at five foot four, he was much taller than me.

  “I, like your friend Elijah, am a Vampire. Although he is one of the original damned, unlike me.” He told me. I raised an eyebrow, then laughed.

  “Haha, very funny. Be serious.” I told him. Again he moved at lightning speed, pinning me against the wall. His face had black veins running down from his eyes, which were dark and bloodshot. I stared at his fangs which were mere inches away from me.

  “I’m being deadly serious.” He told me, and I tried to shove him away, but failed miserably. “Oh, she’s got some fight in her!” He said, laughing and returning back to normal.

  “We were wondering if you knew where Klaus was, because you knew Elijah.” Elena explained to me. I nodded, showing that I understood.

  “If I knew anything, I swear I would tell you.” I promised. Damon rolled his eyes.

  “Well then, if you do find out anything from... a bird or something, then call the hotel in town, and ask for us.” Damon said, then took a menacing step towards me. “We will be waiting.” Elena smiled apologetically at me as they walked towards the door.

  “Why did you want Elijah?” I asked them.

  “We didn’t. He’s dead.” Damon said as they left me alone with nothing but those terrible words running through my head.

The End

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