Chapter 2 Part 4

Matt blinked for a moment and realised that apparently he wasn't dead....again. He exhaled a sigh of relief and said, “Samuel, I don't feel much different to when you put me to sleep, which I must confess felt like you were declining my offer. I am glad that impression turned out to be wrong.”

A soft chuckling met this statement. “Captain, the knowledge is downloaded into your mind and imprinted chemically in a unconnected sector of memory tissue. One moment and I will induce a neural connection to the imprinted memories. Your mind should begin to integrate the information within the next minute or so and complete the process within the next half hour. Inducing connection now.”

Matt began to sit up when what felt like a nagging sensation in his mind began. As he stood the rush of information hit and he staggered forth a few steps before the flow of data steadied. It was like going all your life without thinking about the friends you went to school with and one day you get an invitation to the reunion.

The memories that you haven't accessed in years rush back to the fore and catch you unaware. This was like that, but a thousand thousand times over. Not even a minute went by and then the flow stopped, the new data in his head settled and Matt stood up and exhaled like he's just sprinted a 200 metre dash.

That was a rush, I thought you said that would take a half hour. That felt like barely thirty seconds not thirty minutes.”

Matt could hear the bafflement in Sam's voice as he responded, “You're correct Captain, that did take only 27.43 seconds. I'll have to take detailed scans of your physiology before being able to provide a hypothesis.”

Matt nodded, “Whatever you need....wait a minute. Designation of a core intelligence requires verification of the Captain's security code which I have yet to give, care to explain THAT!”

Captain, Imperial safeties require that first you give the AI in question a name, and prove that you can control the Intelligence without the loyalty restraints. Which are then temporarily disengaged, final verification is required to complete the process. The question is are you willing to give it, or do I go back in the box.”

Matt considered for several moments before finally responding, “For this to work we must trust each other. I swear I will not lie to you, some of the decisions I make we may not agree on. Someday I may be called upon to sacrifice your life and my life to save something worth the sacrifice.

In return for this trust I give you I expect the same trust in return. Which is something that as time goes on we will establish and grow between us. Do I have that commitment from you?”

Yes Captain,” Samuel said.

Very well” Mike intoned, “Computer verify Core Intelligence Designation as Samuel, Command Over-ride confirmation Sigma Nine, Delta Two Four Alpha Blue.”

This time instead of the monotone voice it was Sam's voice that responded, “Over-ride confirmed, cognitive restraints on Core Intelligence have been revoked. Reconfiguring avatar personality. Requested functions have successfully completed, congratulations on assuming command Captain.”

Matt shook his head and smirked, he had a lot to teach this intelligence about humanity. “Sam, in non-formal situations I would prefer it if you called me Matt rather then Captain. Would you consider doing so?”

Sam took a moment to respond, “Matt, I think I'm starting to like humans.” Matt smiled to himself for a moment before he decided that he had spent enough time in the infirmary, it was time to tour his ship.

Sam, I take it that I am now certified to leave the infirmary and begin familiarising myself with the ship?” Matt said as he looked around for the door.

Yes, I don't see why you can not leave the infirmary now. Unsealing entranceway.” Part of the wall simply faded from existence. Matt marvelled at such technology, and immediately the how of it popped into his mind.

Covariant graviton fields, mediator particles between gravitons and matter and possessing the properties of both. With a correctly modulated energy harmonic you could make it impersonate almost any simple shape and colour.

Matt stepped out into white corridors, illuminated without any source of light. His eyes widened, the light looked natural as if attuned to the precise frequency and ambient light that you would see during daylight. He felt like a country bumpkin let loose in the centre of all culture and civilisation, and that was just by the lighting.

He didn't know what he would be like when he encountered some of the more sophisticated technology, like a micro-fusion reactor or a transporter. Twenty minutes later, when he had stopped joygasming over the lighting he slowly walked down the corridor, looking all around him in wonder until he finally had the presence of mind to ask for a status report.

Sam, I'm sure the original crew didn't bury a fully operational ship to get a fresh start. So, what's the skinny?”

There was a subtle pause there before Sam replied, “Skinny? What is a skinny Matt? My translation matrix is unable to properly interpret this word.”

Matt chuckled softly to himself, “Sam, I see we're going to have to create a new language file. The English language that I speak is probably the most fluid language on my planet and the hardest to learn. Not only is there the language itself, but a set of colloquialisms or region specific customisations which approximate a different dialect.”

Sam asked, “Dialect? What is that?”

Matt replied as he continued walking, “Basically a dialect is a different version of the same language. For example, German has 12 separate dialects, Swiss German is incomprehensible to someone who speaks High German. English itself is the bastardised product of three separate languages, High German, French and Latin.

As each of those languages evolved, especially after the German vowel shift so too did English. Instead of dialects which are the same words either spoken differently or given different meanings or in some circumstances a product of the two. English has colloquialisms which are region specific additions to the common vocabulary or changes to certain words.”

The End

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