Origin : Chapter 1

The next phase in my little peice of insanity

Chapter One

A New Dawn

Matt finished the latest alterations to the program he was working on. With a sigh and a whispered prayer he clicked run and after the integrated development engine verified his code the program executed. He blew out a very big sigh of relief, as this was the first time he had been able to get the program to even initialise. He then plugged in a sentence from the text book and started the encryption sequence.

Matt Hyde was a third year Info-Technology student at University, majoring in quantum encryption and information security, he had been lucky enough to receive a under-graduate posting with the Army, who were paying him a wage and his tuition. After graduation, with an additional 6 months of fitness and Officer's Training, he would be commissioned as a full lieutenant in the Signals Corps, and as he hoped, within five years working in the Intelligence community.

Just as the encryption software he was working on started to output data, the encryption kernel itself began leaking randomised data and eventually the whole software itself came crashing down in I/O errors and then the computer executed an emergency core dump. Matt cursed "Shiesse" knowing full well that no one in his class knew the word.

At that point the lecturer stood up from helping one of the other students and said, "Alright guys, start packing up." Matt looked up and sure enough this Lab session had five minutes left. He removed his secure USB stick and then rebooted the computer making sure that no trace of his work was left. He then put the stick pen into his book pouch and after straightening up his books and putting them away also stood up and signed the tablet computer back into the cart and with a wave to his teacher left the room.

After walking down the hall and talking a left to the walkway that led back to the rest of the IT Faculty, he went down and exited the secure Information section via the stairwell located within the walkway's support structure and shutting the key card only access door he walked on the path through a grassy park like area where the Lit and Philosophy majors met to discuss matters of great import that those of the science faculties were too heathen to hear.

With a chuckle at that idea he opened a door and walked through the main hall of the Science and Education faculty, and as he passed the chem honour class was just getting out as well.

He saw his friend Ian Matrovsky, who waved to him and said, "My place 1900hrs, bring drinks". Ian had probably gotten the latest season of Battlestar Galactica and intended on having an all-nighter watching their favourite show. Ian then dashed off to his next class as Matt exited the Faculty building and navigated the main quad to the common area, after 3 hours of stationary programming, he needed something with caffeine in it.

After waiting in line for a while he managed to order, pay for and collect a large moccachino (coffee with chocolate in it) from the Campus Coffee shop. He sat down and retrieved a note book upon which he stated theorising causes for why a data leak would cause a core dump.

With a sigh he wrote down the sections of core functionality and then started describing bug traps that he would have to design and insert into the code. That would most likely take at least a week to construct and a month to get any meaningful results from. But by then he would have the problem isolated almost down to the exact line of code.

The End

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