The great doors of the Gothic mansion flew off their hinges as the army of metallic giants marched in perfect timing in towards the lair's entrance. Sirens blared out, and the sounds of whirring machinery heralded a series of turrets rising from the floor, blasting away at the oncoming menace.
The machines were mown down, but the bullets were running out fast - the immortals watched as Argent grabbed a rifle from the wall and Jim drew a golden Colt Peacemaker nest to it. Then - silence.
The bullets had stopped.
A groaning sound of metal on metal, and the tone of warping walls as the pressure increased on the entrance to the lair. Aurelia leapt over the workbench, and raced to the Tesla coil in the corner with a handful of wires and a wicked grin. Emmy closed her eyes and focused herself - at once, a multitude of scalpels, swords and heavy objects raised themselves from their places and floated before her, ready to be used at a moment's notice.
Argent cocked his gun and marched to stand with Emmy - Jim started to make for cover before realizing his new state of being. I can't be hurt. No reason to take cover. He allowed himself a cheeky grin, and made his way to the other side of Emmy.

The door smashed open.

The first robot was met with a longsword telekinetically thrust between the scanners - the second found itself without a head, courtesy of a barrage of bullets. The third and fourth were speared on the same long lead pipe by the mind of the woman in the green coat, and the next row found themselves gradually melting into a pool of steel from a blast of arc lightning fired by the cackling woman in the corner.

Jim took aim, and fired a single shot at an oncoming automaton - the blast knocked him off his feet, and as he looked up he noticed that - before the shock - that robot had had a torso. It collapsed in a sparking heap, and Jim took aim once again.

Ruby was a blur of sparks and bright red, moving faster than ever - decapitation after evisceration after disembowelment after slice upon dice upon thrust and parry and block... She stopped. Thirty 'corpses' lay at her feet. The wicked smile appeared once more, and she began to enter the trance state again.


The lair was wrecked. The Tesla coil had burned out. Heaps of battered automaton corpses filled the cavernous hall, and the immortals stood triumphant. Ruby took a few breaths, and forcibly slowed her mind.
That was the gift she had been given - no limits. No mental blocks. Her body could access one-hundred percent efficiency in a hundredth of a second, and she knew exactly how to use it. Her body was a weapon, and now she could utilize every aspect of it. Training had been brutal, but worth it - combined with the immortality serum, she was nigh on unstoppable. She looked to Jim, who stood with the golden revolver trying to understand what he had done.
His first shot. It was always a memorable moment - she remembered her own well...


Bastards. Utter bastards. How dare they stop me? The diminutive man kicked at the ground before hopping back into the roadster and speeding off into the dead of night. There was still work to be done, and a few more things to be put to rights before the sun rose once more.


Doc looked over the scene. It had been a far cry from the last six months in that dodgy apartment. Back there, the most excitement one could have was wondering what the weird creaking noise was down the hall - he had missed his gunfights.
He remembered the good old days - the days he spent with Maven and the team, going off to god-knows-where doing who-knows-what - a  thought crept into his mind that, had he written it up at the time and sold the story, he might have a made a nice few stacks of cash.
But that wasn't important now.
Aurelia stood, holding the head of one of the machine men to the dim moonlight.
"Alas, poor Yorick," he said with a smile - she simply stared at him. He quickly came to the conclusion that finishing the quote might not be the best of ideas.
"Have a look at this," she said quietly, pointing to the scanners. He looked closer - they were concentric circles of mirrors, all there to reflect beams in such a manner that the scanner could be widened or concentrated - like the reverse of a human eye.

But it wasn't that that amazed him.

It was the fact that he had seen this before - a design in Aurelia's sketch books. The question now, then, was not so much who would attack them as who could get their hands on the work of an immortal...


His dark eyes glimmered in the blackness, his body wracked with pain. His muscles strained against the confines - it was no use. The tubes pushed deeper, and he forced his body to relax despite the agony of the green fluid.

They were alive, and that was reason enough to keep breathing.

The End

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