Hospital Halls


As The Boss took off down the hall, he passed Anna who had just come out into the hall to see what was going on. She was wearing the same shoulder bag she had at the bus stop. As hurried as he was, The Boss saw the opportunity to get the book. It might be the last chance that he would ever get, so he grabbed the shoulder strap as he ran by her.

Mick could not believe what he was seeing. The Boss must be desparate for whatever was in that purse, to snatch it in front of a cop and several witnesses. Mick ran after the criminal and slid around the corner just after The Boss. Just as he was opening the door to run down the stairs, Mick caught up and tackled him.

The Boss fell forward and the purse sailed out of his hands and hit the wall. The bag wasn't zipped up, so everything flew out of it, including the book. In five minutes flat, Mick had subdued The Boss, and forced him face down on the cold tile floor. In another minute he had The Boss's hands cuffed behind his back. The Boss saw the book across the floor from him, and turned his head so that he wouldn't draw attention to the book.

Everyone that had been outside Charlie's room were now standing  in front ofthe door to the stairwell. The Boss wasn't going to get anywhere even if he did manage to escape. Mick pulled The Boss to his feet, and began to radio the arrest into the station. Since it was pretty obvious that officer Mick had things under control, Sharon began to help Anna pick up the contents of her purse.

Sharon held the little burgundy book out to Anna. She took it and turned it over. Cunfused, she said, "this isn't mine, I haven't seen it before."  Mick had been watching the women noncommitally as he spoke on the radio. When Anna said that the book wasn't hers, he raised his eyebrows in sudden interest.  He gestured for Anna to bring the book to him.

Mick kept a firm grip on the cuffs behind  the The Boss's back as he took a quick look through the book. Names, dates, deliveries. he grinned happily. Maybe he finally had something solid on this scumbag that would put him away for a good long time.

The End

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