The man looked at her, and quickly turned away as he walked to the desk. "I'm looking for my father, William Charles." he told the receptionist. "Room 416" the receptionist said.

The man wasn't Charlie's father, he was actually The Boss, he had followed Anna to the hospital. Anna had been carrying the same purse she had been carrying the day that he had hidden his burgundy book in it. Perhaps she hadn't discovered it, perhaps it was still in there. He had to get that purse.

He took a look over at Andrea, and realized that he recognized her. He had seen her at the bus stop when he had put his book in Anna's handbag. By the way that Dumb and Dumber had described her, she might be one of the women at the scene when Charlie was attacked.

She had been close to Anna when he put the book in her bag, so maybe she had seen him do it. Just in case it was the same woman, he turned his face away from her as he passed.

He walked down the hall to Charlie's room, and stopped short when he heard voices and laughter coming from room 416. The door was open, so he quickly peeked in the room as he passed by it.

Anna was in there alright, but so was a nurse, and that interfering nosey parker with the huge tote bag!  He had also seen her pass by the crowd at the bus stop when he was there.

It was too dangerous to go in  there now, so he went down to the visitor's waiting room, and pretended to be waiting for an appointment.

Just then, Mick the cop went into Charlie's room. The Boss decided that Charlie's room was getting way too crowded, and he better get out of there.  He started toward the elevators, head down, walking fast.

He ran smack dab into Andrea as she was walking to Charlie's room.  He shoved her hard, and she let out a shrill scream as she  fell to the floor.  As he tried to run to the elevators, Andrea stuck out her leg and tripped him. He fell flat on his face.

Everyone in Charlie's room except Charlie ran out into the hallway to see what was happening. Mick saw The Boss, and wondered what this big fat bag of bad news was doing at the hospital. As he went towards Andrea to help her up, The Boss jumped up and tried to get to the elevators.

The End

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