The helping hand...

She walked in. Every one looked extremely busy, at doing something or the other. Andrea felt out of place since quiting her job but today here it just made evrything seemed a lot worse.

Not wanting to think more about her own failures, she direct her steps to the receptionist desk, where a very pregnant woman was talking on the phone. As she waited for any acknowlegment from the lady she paid atention to the surronding atmosphere. Hospital were always a place she had associate with live and death terms, it certanily been that way last night in that street when that poor man had been atacked. He was the reason why she had made calls in the early morning until she had found an answer, and here she was, oh good the woman had stop talking.

" Yes ? How can i help you ? Are you here for the job aplication? "

It must have been fate or some real weird stuff because of all the strange events that had lead to this place in time barely a week ago she had a job and now she was being provided with one ( that she need it), so without talking she signed yes with a nod and toke the paper from her hands and proced to fill it in.

A couple of rows down without her knowledge a man stopped and made a terrifying look at her.

The End

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