Sharon At The Hospital

After talking to Anna, Sharon had gone into the cemetery to visit her folks. She still missed them after all these years. Her mom would have been proud of the way that she had protected that poor homeless man.  After the cemetary, she had gone home to bed.

Sharon worked nights, so she slept during the day. This day, she couldn't sleep. She kept thinking about that poor man.  Poor Anna, being targeted by those two apes. Sharon thought that she'd go around by the hospital and see how that homeless man was. Maybe she would go after work tomorrow morning.

The next morning, Sharon dragged her tote bag with her to the hospital.  It was heavy, but now she didn't mind it so much. She had never thought of it as a weapon before. She went to the admissions desk and asked about the man who had come in by ambulance yesterday morning. She was told that he had been admitted, and was now in room 416.

She followed the painted lines on the floor to the elevators. When she got to the room, the man was sitting up in bed, talking to a nice looking young man in a  scrubs uniform. He had a picture ID and an RN badge pinned to his breast pocket. She walked into the room and stood quietly beside the bed, holding her tote bag with both hands in front of her.

"Uhh.. good morning sir. You don't know me,but. uh.. I was there on the sidewalk when you were hurt. I was just wondering how you are. Charlie, (or was it Bill,?)  looked at  her , trying to remember if he'd seen her before. Then he saw the big tote she was carrying. "I remember that," he said, pointing. Sharon smiled, "It is pretty hard to miss."

"That's what made them run away,"  Charlie / Bill said. Sharon nodded. "It's near as big as you are!"  Sharon and Tom, the nurse laughed. "How are you feeling?" She asked him.

"Better than yesterday, but I could use a drink," He looked at Tom hopefully. "All I can offer is water, juice, milk, coffee, or tea. Tom grinned. 'I could use a good strong cup of coffee," Charlie told Tom.  Saying that he would be right back, Tom left to get the coffee.

Just then, Anna peeked shyly around the door frame. Today she wasn't  wearing either red, or a flower. When she got dressed this morning she thought maybe she would wear something that would draw less attention. Maybe just being ordinary had it's merits. At least it was safer.

Charlie motioned for her to come in. "HHello,"  she said hesitantly. She felt terrible that she was the cause of this man's pain. " are you feeling better today?" She asked.  He nodded.  "I'd like to thank you again for what you did for me,"  She said. "I've seen those two, and a couple others hanging around the neighbourhood where you work. They're bad news." Charlie told her. He wanted a drink, but he put the craving on the back burner. He liked chatting with two attractive women." They were here to see him, and only him. Maybe it had been worth getting beat up to make such lovely new friends.

When Charlie and the ladies were chatting in room 416,  Andrea was sitting in the waiting room of the administration office, filling out an application for employment. When she was done, she handed it to a very pregnant receptionist. "When are you due?' Andrea asked politely. " Any day now, I think." She glanced at Andrea's application. "You're familiar with most office procedures are you? Good with the computer?' Andrea nodded. "We'll let you know in a day or two. They'll have to replace me soon," the receptionist  groaned as she stood up and put her hands on the small of her back.

The End

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