At the East end of town, The Boss," as everyone called him, glared at his two henchmen.

According to physics, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Well, these two were definitely weak links.  Quite possibly  the famous "missing link" between man and monkey.

Their names were Osgood and Barkley. They had never been important enough to him to learn their first names. He just thought of them as Dumb and Dumber, like the Jim Carrey movie.

They had messed up big time, but then so had he, although he would never admit it in a zillion years. Besides it wasn't his fault. The big cop, Mick had been following him at a distance yesterday, he wasn't sure how long the cop had been on his tail.

In any case, he couldn't be caught with that book in his possession. There was a group of people waiting at the bus stop. He had to ditch the book, but he'd have to plant it on somebody that would be easy to track down after he got the cop off his tail.

There was a woman with a red sweater and a flower in her hair. He had seen her before, in passing. He thought she worked in the neighbourhood that he conducted most of his "business". 

 He took a good look at her while she waited for the bus, so he'd recognize her later. He had just bought a new cell phone with picture taking ability.

He took a picture of her as discreetly as possible, in case he had to send someone else to retrieve the little bergundy leather book that he deftly  deposited in her handbag while her attention was focused on the bus arriving.

He meandered around through stores and alleyways, and finally got rid of the cop. He went back to the neighbourhood that he had last seen the woman, while he was conducting "business".

It was late in the day, so he hung around the block, hoping to see her coming out of one of the shops or companies. He hoped he hadn't missed her.  Finally he saw her coming out of a building and heading for the bus stop.

He started to follow her, but she was with a group of people, and he couldn't get near enough to grab her purse. He had to be in court all day tomorrow, trying to keep himself out of jail,  so he'd have to send someone else to get the book.

That's where Dumb and Dumber came in.  They had messed up, driven away by a woman weilding a big tote bag. They were not only stupid, but cowards as well!  He just had to get that book!

The End

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