Andrea decided to walk the rest of the way home aldought the night had proved a trial, she could not yet process the unexplainable violence! That poor man! His clothes looked clean enough but he clearly lived in the streets. She really could not understand the reason for that unprovoked atack, they did seem to persue the lady with the flower in her hair , know she knew her name ( anna),as well as the name of the woman who came to the rescue, Sharon.

But now that the old man was safe and looked after in the hospital and the police where trying to invistigate the reasons why, she could not stop shaking or thinking.

She passed thru the gates of the cemetry and funny enough who thus she see enter ? Sharon. With a puzzled loook in her face and she almost followed  in ... But she did not seem approachable , in fact there was such sadness that andrea continue walking , she had heard when sharon and anna arranged to meet , so maybe she would see them soon enough.

For now she walked. She need a job. That man still linger in her toughts, so tomorrow she would start calling hospital it should not be hard tracking him down, and maybe she could help him out?

Andrea toke her keys out and because of everything that had happen she looked around.

A car was passing by, in the side across a couple was walking their dog , the normal sounds of the night and the occasional police siren. All normal, yet andrea had the silly feeling her life was no longer the same.

In the east part of the town, two crocked men enter the building. He was already there waiting for them. " Where is the book ?"

"Someone follow us and prevent us from robbing the girl, there were two other girls there as well,i did not recognize either, boss. Sorry." They did expecte praise but the face looking down on them was pretty frightning.

" Get the girl if you have to. I want that book."

Andrea had just closed her door.

Sharon was living her parents grave.

Anna was seating at home looking at the telly without taking anything in.

All of them where now linked, their lives had changed for good...

The End

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