Walking Home

Sharon yawned and covered her mouth. It had been a long night, and the morning seemed to be getting longer and longer.  She kept thinking about that poor man getting mugged on the sidewalk.

Those two thugs had attacked that man right out there in front of God and everybody. Had they become so cynical that they didn't think anyone would try to stop them?

She passed the gates to the cemetery as she did on her way home every morning, and she mostly didn't even see them, but this morning was different. Maybe because of the recent violence,  she suddenly thought of her own mortality.

She wasn't completely  alone in the world,but her brothers and sister lived far away, and most of her friends worked the same shift, and they'd be in bed by now.

She decided to go into the cemetery and visit her parents. She hadn't stopped by for at least a month. She felt guilty, even though her parents had been dead for a long time. Thirty years in two weeks, in fact.

They had been in a car crash on her 17th birthday, coming home with party supplies for her. Her dad died that day. Her mom never did regain consciousness, but she hung on for another two months, and then she died too. She hadn't celebrated her birthday since.

The End

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