Sharon, ( whose nickname had been Moonwalker since forever,) got up from the sidewalk, and brushed the grime off her knees as best she could. As she leaned down to pick up her bag from the pavement, she noticed a small collection of something  just beside it. 

Upon closer examination, the collection turned out to be a few small personal items that might have been carried in a purse. There was a cell phone, a packet of tissues, a lipstick and a little stack of business cards held together with a rubber band.

Sharon gathered them up,deciding what to do with them. They must have fallen out of the purse of the woman with the yellow flower in her hair. She had been kneeling beside the man who had been beaten.

Looking through the items, she looked at the top business card. It gave a name, and the address of the office building that the woman had come out of. It gave a telephone number, with an extension. The woman would want her stuff back, particularly the phone.

Sharon dug her own cell phone out of her bag. She could have used the other phone, but she didn't like using other people's stuff without permission. She dialed the number on the business card, and waited for a disembodied voice to go through the menu of options. When she was finally given the option to dial an extension number, she punched in the extension on the card.

After only two rings a woman's voice answered, saying 'Good morning," and giving the business name, and her own - Anna. Sharon hesitated for a moment, not sure what to say. Once again, she had acted without thinking things through. She had attacked those two creeps in the same way - without thinking it through.

"Um, uhh. Hi, my name is Sharon, and I found a few things of yours that must have fallen out of your purse. You must have dropped it when you knelt by that injured man. "Oh. Thanks for picking them up for me. What is it that fell out, anyway?" said Anna. Sharon listed the items for her.

"Oh, my phone! My whole address book is in it. Thank you so much for calling me. I'll be right down. Are you still out in front of this building?"  When Sharon answered in the affirmative, Anna hung up the phone and headed for the elevators.

When Anna got out to the sidewalk, she walked over to Sharon and gave her a big hug, thanking her  profusely. When Sharon stiffened a little, in surprise, Anna jumped back. Blushing furiously, she apologized. "I'm so sorry, I never do things like that! I didn't even know I was going to do that, until I was already doing it!

Sharon laughed. "I do things without thinking about what I'm doing so often that it's become part of my charm." Anna grinned at the gracious attempt to make her feel better.

"What you did was so brave! " Anna said. "I saw what was happening, and I froze. I didn't even get a chance to get my phone out to call for help." Sharon shrugged. "That other woman already took care of that, so it turned out ok anyway.'

"How could you just go at them like that?" Asked Anna. There were two of them, and they were huge, and you're..." She stopped, embarrassed. "Horizontally challenged, petite, small, no bigger than a minute, too short to live?"  Sharon finished for her, laughing. "Yeah, that." Anna said, laughing now too.

"I grew up with two brothers," said Sharon, "one older, one younger, both bigger. They picked on me a lot. First, I learned to run, and then when they caught up to me, I learned to fight back. I decided not to be a victim in life for any reason. I despise bullies, and that's what those two creeps are."

" "Anyway, the look of shock on that jerk's face when you wound up for another swing was priceless!" Anna laughed. "Well, I should get going," said Sharon. " I work nights at a department store, and I  should get home and get some sleep. It was nice meeting you, Anna, even if it was under bizarre circumstances."

When Sharon turned to leave, Anna put a hand on Sharon's arm. "Wait. Uhh would you like to meet for coffee sometime?" She asked hesitantly. "That would be nice. I'm off weekends." said Sharon. "So am I." answered Anna. "Would you like to meet at that cafe down the street ot 10 o'clock Saturday morning?"  Sharon agreed, and started home .

The End

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