On the sidewalk

When the ambulance stops, two paramedics get out with a collapsible guerney. They go over to the curb and kneel beside Charlie, who is regaining consciousness.

Moonwalker is still beside him, wiping the blood off his face. The paramedics clean the wound with alcohol and bandage it up.

Charlie is sitting up by this time, and looking around, confused. He sees the woman with the flower in her hair, and smiles shyly. Puts his head down, embarrassed.

She kneels beside Moon and puts her hand on Charlie's shoulder. "I Know what you did, the risk you took, to help me. Thank you."

Charlie looked up into her eyes and realized that she was absolutely sincere. He blushes. He's really glad that he had recently bathed and changed his clothes.

The two paramedics gently help him onto the guerney, and put him into the back of the ambulance. The three women, Andrea,  Anna with the flower in her hair, and Moonwalker stood on the sidewalk and watched the ambulance drive away.

The End

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