Sharon helps out

Sharon is small,  five feet tall only, but fast. And strong. When she sees that poor man being beaten up, she runs to help.

She works nights at a department store stocking shelves, and some of the boxes are really big, and really heavy. It's pretty much like lifting weights. Therefore, she has a lot of strength in her arms.

She carries a big  sand and brown  striped canvas bag to work with her each night. It carries her meal in heavy plastic containers, Her quart sized water bottle, and a book.  She always reads at mealtime.

 She is just walking home in the morning after her shift, when she sees those two big brutes beating up on a poor old guy on the sidewalk. She runs at them, bag swinging.

The bag connects with the arm of the man wielding the bottle. He drops it and turns towards her.

"What the...." he yells. He considers attacking her too, but he sees her pull back her bag for another swing, and thinks better of it.

He runs away like the coward he is. He doesn't mind half killing a poor, sick old man, but he won't challenge anyone who is likely to put up a fight.

The second brute saw Sharon coming after him, and he takes off too.

As she kneels beside the man, she notices for the first time that there is a young woman a couple of feet away, talking on her cell phone.

By what she could hear, the woman was talking to Emergency services, but she obviously doesn't know where she is, to direct them.

Sharon motions to her to give over the phone.  the woman gives it to her.

Sharon explains the situation, and gives their exact location, and requests an ambulance. "It's on it's way," She said.

She hands back the phone, as a lady  with a yellow flower in her hair comes out of the apartment building near them.

"What happened?" She asks the two other women.

"Two thugs were following you, and this man tried to stop them. "They beat him up, said the younger woman. We called an ambulance, it'll be here. soon.

Sharon took a St. John's Ambulance course through her work this year, so she is fully rated in first aid. She takes water bottle out, with a box of tissues, wets one, and starts to wipe the blood off the man's face.

Just then, the ambulance comes screaming to the curb.

The End

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