She had decided to walk home instead of taking the bus again; the crispy air may help settle her unhapiness.How strange she would see the lady with the red flower(no, today she proudly displayed a yellow one),there were other people in the street but she maintained eye contact with the lady.That is how she came to see the two men who appear to be following her,and a third man.This one had a look like he had seen better days(homeless,she tought),but he had seen the way the other two were following her and turn around.

She did not know what had came over her(maybe she sensed the danger about to unfold),but she persued the third man.Something was amiss.Has she turns the corner short of him she sees the bottle connecting with one of the tugs head,the man was being beaten up pretty badly!!!  Reaching inside her bag her hand encounterd the mobile phone,without stoping to think she dialed 999. An operator on the other side of the line quickly ask the nature of the call.

"Emergencie dispatch, how can i help?"

"Please, they are hiting him,i need Help!"Frantic with fear she aproached the man lying inconscient on the pavment,the tugs had let him alone as soon he had droped to the floor,a  strong kick to the head had rendered him in the state she found him know.

"Madam i need to know you adress? Do you need the an ambulance as well as the police?"

She still could hear the operator in the background asking questions,not knowing were she was or how she could  give an answer.  While all this went trough her mind she tought "Should i move him? No,maybe that will be worst for his injuries! God, i have no idea what i am doing here!!.." Still in shock she turns to the right, as the frount door of the apartment opens and the lady with the yellow flower in her air gets out.

Looking to the man lying on the floor she asks.

"What has just happen?"......

The End

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