The alarm clock had been set to wake her up at 645am like every other day.Andrea was already awake not because she had anywere to rush too this morning,but because she had lay in bed awake most of the night thinking.

Thinking that she maybe had been to eager yesterday to have quit her job without realising she had not plan ahead.Reality had made its apearence around three in the morning making questions that could not be put off for  too long.

She had never had been a  big spender.She would be fine for at least  a couple more months  before she had to start to look for another job.But her concern was not questions of how will i cope,she had been on her own for so long,since her father had pass away.No,her doubt was what to do with all the free time on her hands.

Putting major decisions out of her mind before breakfeast,she decides to go out .See people.

Waiting for the bus to come,she remenbers last night ride home.When for a moment in her troubles she had noticed that some of the same people from the morning trip.Would that happen again today?

The bus is here,she checks the number not wanthing to go on the wrong one.She drops the coins in the drivers box,and looks where to sit.She sees the man with the grocerie bags-he must be a regular-and a few more familiar face,how familiar she cant tell.But she is sure the girl seating in the middle, is the one that yesterday had a flower in her hair,she looks  happier today.Walking down she seats behind Anna(she did not now her name yet),and wonders about were she will go as she sees the stops go by.

The bus stop aproaches the cemetry and a need to get out overpowers andrea.Its only when she enters the gates that she realises that she had not been the only passenger to stop here,the man with the groserie bags as gone out also(roger),she would find out later is name.

Not knowing why she had come in,still she walks thru the lanes of the graveyard.Her father was not here,yet there was some confort in the silent respect that you pay to those who have lived before us,that made her continue the walk.

She sees the man kneel down.She knows him,from the bus.There is an expression of love in his face,maybe it is wife who lays there?

Another day she would have aproached him and say a few words of simpaty,today she barely can see beyond her own problems.

Living Andrea wanders thru the streets with no destination in mind.Breakfast no longer an idea on her mind,fast aproaching 12,she arrives in frount of her office bulding.

Funny of sometimes your mind is till in your daily routine.

Saddly awere she has nothing to do here,she turns away....

The End

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