The first time she had catched this paticular bus by mistake,today she was looking for the confort one finds in the presence of strangers.

At work the day that had started badly, finished in a more sour note.

"What came over me?How could i have quit like that?"Fear had started to setlle in,the normal question one ask themselfs when face with day to day shores.

It was the midlle of the afternoon,and you could see mothers running around trying to keep the kids close to them while crossing the street,all this Andrea saw thru the window of the bus.

A few more stops to go,and then she would be home.

In her mind she went over what had happen today,nothing out of the ordinary.As she entered the building were she worked a sense of sadness still remained for this morning jorney to work,seing all those unfamiliar faces made her question herself.Going on  thirthy and what had she acomplished?A 9 to 5 job that did not bring any satisfation ,but paid  bills,a boyfriend she barely saw,and did not love?

Thinking back ,maybe quiting had been decided from the moment she reached her floor and the first face she sees is her boss.

Now one stop away from her house,Andrea questions herself not why had she quit but where did she go from here.

"Maybe tomorrow i can take this bus again"As she steps away from the curbe,and looks to see the highlights of the bus fade away in the distance,she feels better about herself.

The End

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