She had got the wrong bus,not paying attention to the numbers,she know had to go downtown in order to get back on track,mondays were not her day,Really.

Well nothing she could do about it,so better sit back and try to relax, a very busy shecdule awaited when she get to the office.Did she remenbered to send that last fax?"God,I hope  i have,Why is everything falling apart?"A sense of failure,descended upon her.

She could not remenber the last time she had taken two minutes just to sit down and relax,maybe last month?No,longer than that.Nothing  worked  this days,her personal life as well as work ,trying to be in two places at once, was not working anymore.

I am so tired.

Trying  to clear her mind,she looked around.What a misture of people.Is that a red flower?The girl looked pretty and carefree.A lonely man with some grosseries,and so many diferent faces.

Did she ever paid any attention do the people who she travel every day?No.Where were they all going?What did they do?Who where they?It had been always so much simpler to create imaginarie lifes than to deal with ones failures....

The bus stoped at the corner ,the man with the groseries steps out,there is a cemetry near by.And she remenbers,when had been the last time she had visit her fathers grave?

A long time ago,12 maybe 13 years ago?I am so tired,heres is my stop i better hurry ,still a long day to go,and now i am running late. 

The End

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