Aman and the Bookstore

An introduction to a man who is brilliantly positive.

Aman is a tall, not so dark, but handsome guy in his mid twenties. He has a slim built and is wearing a bright red T-shirt under a bulgy black jacket, with dark blue jeans which has a washed texture. He is nothing close to extraordinary. Just a plain simple guy walking down the street.

As he approaches his bookshop, which he runs by himself, he finds many familiar faces walking past him in the street. He never feels shy of wishing people a good day. So as anyone faintly familiar passes by, he puts on a broad smile and wishes them good morning. No harm in wishing people a good day. Is there? That’s what he thinks. I would say he has made some healthy relations. Hand waving relationship, have a good day relationship etc etc… But what does he get out of it? Nothing actually. Just smiles to make his day.

So now he reaches his bookshop. Just in time. Its 8 am in the morning. Did I tell you the name of his shop? Oh I forgot. Silly me! It’s “Smile”. And it’s no ordinary shop by any means. We can find every book in this small library which can make people feel good and “smile”. A book about the amazing scenery, or maybe child stories, or maybe plain simple jokes. It is his passion to make people feel good.

By the way did I tell you that he has just moved into Dehradun. It’s a small city in Uttarakhand, India. He lives near Ballupur Chowk. And his shop is located near Kishan Nagar. I wonder why he chooses to walk to his store which is around 5 km away. He has a car parked at his home, which he rarely uses. I went up to him and asked him the same. He says “Because then I won’t be able to enjoy the splendid natural beauty of Dehradun. Did you ever notice that building over there…? It looks amazing at dawn. And I get the chance to wish good morning to acquaintances. And I also get some exercise. You should try it too”. What do you expect me to answer? My office is 8 km from my place and walking there would tire me like anything. So I just said “Good… Keep it up son…

Maybe you can lose some weight too… You have been trying to do that lately?? And I would love to have your company every morning.

No boy. Not my kind of thing.


There’s just one little thing I hate about him though. He is just too good. How can someone be so nice!!?? Sometime back he adopted 4 puppies he found roaming stray around his bookshop. Oh yeah… It’s nice but he already had a dog and a parrot and a ginni pig at his house!!!

The End

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