Order of the Moon

This is the life of the Orderers. Lolitha Fangsong, Akasha Gray and Damian Hyde among the others.

Lolitha Fangsong: Good Deeds

The angry orange flames danced around the clearing, the shine making my white face glow. The frosts of midnight were quickly drawing in. It was almost time...

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Akasha asked anxiously. She glanced at his bloody body, which brought tears to her nervous jade eyes.

I knelt down to a silk bag of candles and began laying them out onto the forest floor. “I wouldn’t try if there was no hope.” I answered in my naturally quiet voice. One by one I lit the candles in the fire and set them out in a circle around the corpse. Akasha stood back, staring worriedly.

When he was surrounded, I took the last snow white candle and placed it on his chest. From my waist I retrieved the dagger and carved his name into the wax. Damian Hyde...

I gestured for Akasha to come over, and she did so, slowly. “Give me your hand.” Her normally pink hands were even whiter than mine were, shaking uncontrollably. I tightened my grip on it, trying not to hurt her, and pulling up my knife. She gasped and tried to pull away but I held tightly and carefully stroked the blade through her palm. A drop of royal blue blood trickled from the wound and onto the dagger. I released her and she pounced away. The gleaming liquid swam down the crescent blade and splashed onto the last candles flame.

Suddenly, a bright purple blaze appeared, burning wildly. It had begun.

I rose to my feet, my amber eyes closed, gathering my power. From inside me, I felt it rushing around, ready to be collected. In my mind, I pictured burning white energy around my body flooding into my heart. Then, I started to feel it.

To Akasha’s ears, it would have been a strange nonsense. But to me it was this:

In the name of the holy Goddess,

Who breathes life into us all,

 Do give this scared flame the power,

To give back this life that has been stolen...

Whispering these words I released the energy from my fingertips, and continued to chant the spell.

Magic mend and candle burn,

Sickness end, good health return...

I felt the magic work around me, but I didn’t dare stop, and I recited again.

Magic mend and candle burn,

Sickness end, good health return...

I said the spell again and again, until I felt the white energy leave the clearing and the light whistle of the candles being blown out. My eyes flicked open to see a sight that I never thought would give me such happiness. Damian was standing unsteadily before me. Akasha gasped, shrieked in delight and came rushing into him. They both shared a tender embrace, which filled me with joy, that I was able to make a friend so happy. When they started kissing, however, I started to think I’d maybe made a mistake. 

The End

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