Orb of Awe

Given a key by another character, the hero (or not quite), is told he will need it. But for what? A Fantasy adventure for fun.

Pilaro made his way to Estrio's room.  Once there Pilaro noticed Estrio standing there in anticipation for Pilaro's arrival. 

"Take this key, you'll need it", said Estrio,  handing over a blue key to Pilaro. 

"Okay".  Pilaro went away with the key.  Soon, he came across a room with a red door. 

He tried to enter the room, but the door was locked shut.

"Aha!  Estrio, gave me the key... I'll use that",  thought Pilaro.  Problem was, though, the key didn't fit. 

Pilaro turned away in disgust.  He thought to himself, "I guess I'll just have to find something else to do.  I don't know why Estrio gave me such a useless key, anyway.  I'll need it, yea right!  A fat lot of good it did for me...  Ouch!". 

Pilaro had just bumped his foot againt a large object as he was walking.  He looked down and saw a large blue treasure chest on the floor.  "Hmm... Interesting".  

Pilaro tried to open the blue chest.  Problem, was, that too was locked shut. 

"Stupid chest... wait... I'll try the key on this". 

He used the blue key for the blue chest and to his delight the lock turned, and the chest opened up.  But to his disgust the chest was empty, no treasure, except for one object.  A red key. 

"Hmm... maybe this key will work on that door, I tried earlier", thought Pilaro. 

He took the red key and rushed back to the red door of the room. 

"I hope this works" , he muttered.  Then inserted the key in the door and to his delight the door opened. 

Pilaro stepped inside and saw cave like room, with a brilliantly shining orb hovering above the ground at the center of the room at chest height. 

"Woah!...", Pilaro walked up to the orb slowly.  Stared at it from a few inches away, then again he exclaimed, "Woah!..."

The End

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