Orange Juice

Ukai's Family had  orange groves next to their house. Ever since he was five years old he would help his grandfather gather oranges to sell. It was his favorite thing to do. He carefully pick the ripe oranges off the trees and place them in his shiny wicker basket that gave him splinters in his hands and arms.

Ukai would go down each row lined with orange trees picking the fruit off the tree but disregarding the oranges that had already fallen off the branches. He would kick them to the side or underneath the tree. One day his grandfather witnessed Ukai kicking the fruit around on the ground as if it were a soccer game. Ukais' Grandfather asked "Ukai what are you doing? This is perfectly good fruit to sell for profit" Ukai responded back "But Grandfather, this fruit has touched the ground it can't be good". "No Ukai", grandfather responded, "this fruit on the ground is just as good as the fruit on the trees. This fruit here has just ripened and is anxious to start it's life".

From that point on Ukai began to look at the fruit differently, no longer did he disregard the fruit on the gound because  he thought, at the end of the day they all make orange juice.

The End

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