The family

The way to inner cave was a thin bridge of one plank of wood, with a wire at hand height to hold onto to cross, with a sharp drop to water below.  Mrs. Howard made to cross it and Lindsay called out, "No don't go over!"
Lindsay tugged on her mom's hand to stop her and stood in Tom's way.  
"That doesn't look right Mhairi,"  her mom said
Mrs. Howard agreed, "Should probably be shut off,"

They turned back and walked along the path overlooking the main cave.  The water was a deep blue that day due to the overcast sky.  Lindsay saw a family near the boat moored up at the shallow shelf on the side of the pool.  A red haired bearded man wearing shorts, a T-shirt and veld skoens shoes stood at the water's edge, and three children were with him.  Two girls paddling in the shallow water and a boy sitting in the boat. 
"Mom let's go down to the children," Lindsay called out and began to move toward the edge of the pathway.  There was no way down, just a rock face to the water below.
"Come on, your not going down there " her Mom said and Lindsay reluctantly followed her.

After the school outing Lindsay recalled the visit years before to her Mom.
"There were no children there," her Mom replied
Lindsay had never seen the tunnel with the thin plank of wood leading to the inner cave on any visits to the caves after either.  Tourists could only visit the main cave the rest were blocked off.  As for the family by the water had she dreamed of them and remembered them as real or was local folklore true...

The End

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