Revisiting Orange Grove

Strangely the visit to the caves themselves didn't immediately bring these memories back. Instead it was seeing the swimming pool at the Orange Grove that did. The pool itself was not in the same state. Hotel ownership had changed over the years and the pool had taken on a deep green colour due to the algae that had grown on its walls.

"No swimming today," her teacher announed, peering with a look of distaste at the pool.
Instead they had ice creams and sodas and looking out at the scenery, brown savanna grass scattered with msasa trees, blue hills in the distance.

On the bus back to school, Lindsay remembered her past visit to caves. Local folklore held that the caves were haunted. There were stories of divers who had died in the caves. The water was so deep that no one had ever found the bottom, although there had been several attempts by divers.

As a five year old Lindsay was unaware of the stories. On a grey overcast day, her parents and brother and another family went together to visit the caves. They split up for some reason and Lindsay ended up with her Mom and Mrs. Howard and her son Tom. They went through a tunnel and Mrs. Howard saw a sign indicating inner cave.

The End

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