The Caves

A girl remembers the past when she visits a hotel

The schoolkids stood huddled on the pathway looking in to the deep pool of the main cave.  Outside the sun shone, and its light made the water appear a magnificent blue, a reflection of the sky.  Lindsay had seen the caves before, several times.  The kids filed out of the dark caves and back into the sunlight, along a path that overlooked the rugged countryside beyond.  Lindsay's friend Aileen turned to her, "Hurry up Lindsay, we're going to the Orange Grove,"  
The Orange Grove, Lindsay hadn't thought of the hotel for years.  She was twelve now, almost about to finish primary school.  Last she'd been at the Orange Grove was as a toddler.  Her mom always took her, sometimes accompanied by friends of theirs to the hotel for swimming and a meal.  Lindsay remembered once stepping too far into the pool and losing her footing.  Reaching up and not being able to move, her hands and legs flailing, until her mother had lifted her out.  That was a bad memory of the Orange Grove, but most were good.
The most significant memories the Orange Grove evoked for Lindsay were of the Caves.

The End

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