A story of personal horror,
Zeke forgets everything up until the commune.
When he looks in the mirror all he sees are orange eyes
Not his own
Staring back.

I don't remember much before getting here

But my dreams do

           Flashes of a house in the middle of the day. It's never a very extraordinary place in my dreams, unlike some of the others who recall glorious mansions and kingdoms. Mine is a simple two story, with beige paint and a few windows. Glimpses inside the windows show a home that probably housed a family, with photos of smiling people sitting on the table just to the side of one of the main windows. Sometimes I see a little black dog jumping up against the glass in the downstairs window, which is often lit by a fireplace. That was my fantasy, and although I wondered why I understood such concepts as a fireplace, a dog, and photographs even though the commune never housed any of those, I stuck to it. Perhaps a memory after all. 

Those were the good dreams though. 

 Others were nightmarish flashes as I'm being held down by ropes in a black floored room surronded by mirrors.  A man in a top hat prods at me, taking my tempature and preparing my skin to recieve a small dose of anthestic. As he inserts the large needle in his hand deep into my arm I thrash out in pain. Perhaps I imagine it, but at times it feels as though he is smirking, sneering, amused by the pain he is putting me through. Suddenly my eye starts to bleed, he's probably cut it deep with the now bloodied scapel laying on the metal tray. Another flash, my eye is now burning orange.

      When that nightmare occurs I usually wake up in a very cold sweat. The others tell me that It's just my mind rationalizing my reality. I have no memory up until waking up in my dorm at the commune wearing plain, black, pajamas and my left eye a black dot surrounded by an orange pool. Jared sometimes jokes that it's just a symptom of dialysis caused by massive kidney faliure; He's the doctor that checks up on me on a monthly basis. He always comes to my dorm and looks me over, writes some words down on a illegiable clipboard, then walks away muttering "Extraordinary". I've never been quite sure what he meant by that.   

      The commune is where I live, the others call it home but i'd never call it that to it's face. The building itself is massive. It's main building reaches almost six stories tall  and a few hundred feet long, with large pointed spires on each of it's corners. Off of that are a few side buildings which were just a bit smaller then that. The others say it was designed to look like a college without any classrooms. Maybe they have more memory of the outside world then I do. 

The End

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