Chapter 4

"Put on my brother's uniform. They won't even notice that you're not him." The server girl, Lyra, was two years older than I was, but we were the same height.  

"Why can't I wear your uniform?  I'm a girl, not a boy!"  

"Well, you're skinny like a boy, Oralia.  This uniform will fit you.  Besides, I have to wear my uniform.  There's no way I would pass for a boy."  She looked at me with pleading eyes.  She was right.  Her pudgy cheeks and subtle curves would definitely give her away.  I knew what the consequences would be if  they found out that her brother didn't show up to serve.  

"Fine.  Give me the uniform."  I changed into the grey pants and coat in the small closet off of the servers' quarters.  I looked at my distorted reflection in the back of the shiny, metal door.  Lyra was right.  I could pass for a boy.  I sighed and left the closet to join Lyra in the kitchen.

"See?  I told you it would fit," Lyra said with relief.  "You take the nectar to the table and serve starting with the oldest Decision Makers first.  They are the ones at the far end of the table.  Then work your way back to the youngest.  Don't make eye contact with anyone, and don't speak a word.  They'll never even notice you."

The End

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