Chapter 3

Sunday was our day of rest.  After preparing the Sunday meal for The Decision Makers, we were always allowed to take a small portion of food home for our meal and to have the remainder of the afternoon for rest and prayer.  My mother looked forward to Sundays more than any other day.  She always made me take a nap after our dinner so that we could "conserve our strength" and be prepared to work even harder in the week to come.  

After we finished preparing the meal in the main house, mother placed two small rolls and some butter into a square of cheesecloth to take home for us.  As we headed out the back door, someone called my name.  "Oralia!  Oralia, we need your help!"  I spun around to see Orek, the youngest child of the servers, looking desperately at me.  "My brother is sick, and there is not one to help me serve Sunday dinner.  Will you help me serve?"

I looked at my mother who was half way out the door with the warm rolls in her hand.  "Please, let me help, Mother," I pleaded.  I didn't really think that she would let me stay in the big house by myself. She had never left me alone there before.  There was a part of me that wanted her to tell me no, that I had to come home with her.  

"I suppose you are old enough to stay on your own," my mother said with hesitation.  "Come straight home after you serve dinner, Oralia. "

"I will, Mother!" I said as I ran back into the huge kitchen.  The screen door slammed shut behind me.

The End

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