Chapter 2

"Why can't we run about and play with the wind in our hair, Mother?" 

"Oralia, don't even think such things.  We are not here to enjoy ourselves.  We are here to make their lives more enjoyable."  She looked directly at me for a moment, then her voice softened.  "The decision makers are a different kind of people.  Their children were meant to be carefree and undisciplined."  I thought about this for a moment, then went back to staring out the window, pretending to wipe it clean. 

"That just doesn't make any sense," I mumbled as I polished my fingerprints off of the window.  I stood mesmerized for a moment as I watched The Decision Makers' son run after his dog in the yard.  They chased each other around the fountain and back again, and looked so carefree, so happy.  I smiled to myself as I watched him, and suddenly he was looking directly at me.  He returned my smile, and my heart began to pound wildly in my chest.  

"Oralia!"  My mother jolted me back to reality as she swiped at me with her broom and hit me on the leg.  "What are you doing?  Keep your eyes down, for God's sake.  Remember your place, Oralia.  I hope to God he didn't see you."  I shook my head as if to indicate that he did not see me staring at him from the window of the house.  But I knew the truth.  He had seen me.  He smiled at me.  I glanced once more at my mother who was now mopping the hard, stone floor.  She must never know my new secret.

The End

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