Log 03


“Hey, you stupid hell bringer!”

Rika turned and saw three boys in front of her. A summon, an elf, and a taron surrounded Rika and Lily. “You said you wanted to kick our butts, so let’s see you go against all three of us!” shouted the summon.

“Rika, I’ll take care of this,” whispered Lily. In her sleeves, she instantly pulled out three forks, but Rika halted her.

“Don’t worry, Lily. It would be too much trouble,” said Rika. She pushed Lily out of the circle and cracked her knuckles. “I’ve been longing to fight someone who will soon become my underlings!”

“Why you!!” The taron yelled, charging straight at Rika.

“Hey everyone! There’s a fight going on!”

The taron charged straight at Rika and tried to seize her, but Rika jumped up and used him as a lift to grab the elf’s cloak and pull it over his head. Rika landed behind the elf and pushed him towards the two boys. “Is that all you got?” she cackled. Suddenly, the same elf grabbed Rika from behind from under the arms. “W-what!?”

“Nice doppelganger! Get her!” shouted the summon getting ready a magic spell. The taron charged again towards Rika.

“E-Ennax!!” Rika screamed. She grabbed the elf’s cloak collar from behind. “Lift!”

Ennax pushed through the crowd and lifted the elf behind Rika and flung him. Rika pulled the elf over her head and slammed him on the ground when she rolled over him. The taron, which was charging towards Rika, tripped on the fallen body. Rika kicked up and the taron flew back, skidding pass the summon who just finished his spell. “This shall be your request to the hospital, unless you want to forfeit now,” said the summon frustrated. In his hand was a purple-grey tinted orb that was flowing with immense energy.

“Sorry, but I don’t put down a fight and run,” said Rika who let out a sigh and rubbed her forehead. “Come at me, punk!”

The summon ran towards Rika as fast as he can. Right when he got in front of her, he pushed the orb into her face, but she easily dodged it and grabbed the wrist of the summon boy. “Give it up, kid! You’ll never beat me in a hundred years!!” exclaimed Rika.

A whistle was blown and everyone who crowded the fight ran away and disappeared into the school. “Break it up!!” shouted a lady who seemed to be around the middle of her twenties.

“Crap, it’s Parrea!” said the summon. The orb in his hand zipped into oblivion and Rika let him go.

“You better be scared. You boys, straight to the dean’s office!” ordered Parrea. She looked at Rika, who then looked at Lily and Ennax. “You three, in the office. Now.”

Rika, Lily, and Ennax followed Parrea to a room where the entire faculty stayed during break and lunch, unless they had outside duty. Parrea pulled up three chairs and offered them to the students.

Do some math in your head and one might just say there are thirty-five teachers in Oradema Academy. Actually, including the side classes you can take after school, substitutes, security, and other little stuff that is unneeded to say, there are about sixty teachers. Some believe there might be more that are not seen often and not even the faculty would meet all the people who work in Oradema Academy. Only the principal would have seen their faces once.

“What were you thinking Rika?” asked Parrea. “It’s the first day of school and you get into a fight!”

“Parry! They wanted to fight against me,” exclaimed Rika.

“You were the one who wanted to go against the people who were badmouthing us,” said Ruki, who just walked in. “I saw and heard everything. I am not only your teacher, but also your brother.”

Parrea coughed and shooed Ruki away. Ruki smiled and walked out the room, closing the door behind him. The three watched Ruki disappear behind the doors before turning their heads back towards Parrea. “Look Parry, I was just standing up for my brother and myself,” said Rika.

Rika would have been slapped across the face, royal family or not, for talking to a teacher in a friendly manner. Actually, Parrea has been in close contact with the Killsworth family. Though not a demon, she is of higher rank than any of the six races: a reaper. She may look young, as thought by many to only be in her twenties, but in reality she is much, much older than everyone in the academy, except for the principal.

Parrea sighed and leaned back on her seat. “Okay, Rika, I respect you for that,” said Parrea in a slow manner, “but you can’t just pick a fight.”

She looked at Ennax and Lily who seemed to be confused to why they were also in the room. “As for Ennax and Lily, you two could have easily stopped Rika!”

The two flinched before looking at each other and Rika. “W-well…we could have stopped her,” mumbled Lily. “I thought she did the right thing.”

“What Rika did was rather brave, but it’s not something to proud of,” explained Parrea. “If someone wants to push some more buttons, just leave.”

“Then that would be chickening out, Parry!” shouted Rika about to jump out of her seat, but Ennax held her down.

“Do not fight in Oradema Academy,” Parrea said firmly. Her pitch black eyes glared especially at Rika, “Or I will kill you.”

The bell for the ending of break rang loudly. The three students got up and left to go to their classes. Rika and Ennax walked into Class 1-E and again were the first to get to class. “Hey brother, your girlfriend’s crazy,” said Rika sitting down in her seat closest to the door. “She said she was going to kill me.”

“You know she jokes like that,” explained Ruki, “Even if she can easily do that with just a finger.”


As just stated, Parrea is Ruki’s girlfriend. Many don’t get how it can work between the two; one being short-lived and another being almost immortal. Many also don’t see how Ruki won Parrea’s heart, but there are many things that don’t need to be explained. The only thing that needs to be known is that Ruki loves Parrea and Parrea loves Ruki back.

The End

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