Log 02

Rika Killsworth walked down the crowded hallway of the campus of Oradema Academy. Everyone stared at her while she stomped her way towards her classroom. Her expression wasn’t frustration, nor was it pride. People whispered and tattled when she passed by them. Ennax Orsone was behind her, following Rika very closely. “Rika,” he whispered loud enough only for Rika to hear, “would you like me to silence them?”

Rika shook her head. “It would just be too much trouble,” she affirmed. Looking up, she read the tabs that stuck out from the wall beside the doors of the classroom. Rika stopped and looked up at a tab that is barely unreadable: 1-E. “Class 1-E. That’s the classroom I’m in. Ennax, is it this room?”

Thirty-five classrooms in Oradema Academy. By knowing the number, students know what year they are in. By knowing the letter, students know what class they are in. The numbers go from one to seven and the letters go from A to E. Once a student is put in a classroom, they stay in that classroom for the whole school year and wait until next year.

Ennax nodded and opened the door to their classroom. Ennax would have been in a higher class if he didn’t stay by Rika’s side. Rika walked inside and looked around. The desks were lined in a very straight matter and possibly checked with a yardstick for precision. No students were in the classroom. Rika and Ennax turned towards the clock that was above the doorway. It was in the area of “Before School.” “What a stupid clock,” Rika blurted out.

Ruki chuckled and smiled at his sister and her knight. Rika turned towards the front desk and saw her brother standing in front of the chalk board, writing his name. “Aurion said it was a bit hectic if an actual clock was built, so only in Oradema Academy, the clocks had words instead of numbers,” Ruki said. He placed the chalk on the unsoiled desk and smiled. “Before School, School, Lunch, School, Night, Security Check.”

“If people cannot tell time, that’s rather sad,” Rika said not amused. Her expression had not changed since she came onto the campus.

Ruki shrugged and smiled again. “While you two are here, why not take your seats?”


“Good morning everyone! Today is your first day of school in Oradema Academy,” declared Ruki, projecting his voice. “Today is also your first day without your parents’ aid and meeting of new and different people. Two hundred forty-one days of staying in a dormitory of your kind and one hundred twenty-four days of staying with your parents for the next seven years. Are you all ready for this challenge?”

Most heads were nodding, especially the girls, while a few were on the side, already not paying attention. Rika sat in the front row, right next to the door, while Ennax was the next row over, two seats behind her. “My name is Mr. Killsworth, and I will be your first teacher in Oradema Academy.”

A young girl raised her hand. She was fidgety and her blonde shoulder-length jumped when her hand we up. A blue bow was tied like a headband behind her ear, which resembled bunny ears. Her tiny angel wings flapped waiting to be called on. Ruki saw her and smiled. “May I ask what your name is before you comment or ask a question?”

“A-ah, m-m-my name i-is R-R-R-Raina Drag-g-gonlite, M-Mr. Killsworth!!” she stuttered out. Few of the students around her giggled which made her blush with embarrassment.

“Well Miss Dragonlite,” Ruki smiled after saying her name, “what would you like to say?”

“W-w-w-w-well, it just c-came up, b-b-b-but is that a-also the l-l-last name of t-the r-r-r-ruler of Z-Z-Z-Za-Zatani-ni-ni-a-a?” Raina finally sputtered out.

The classroom got silent, if it wasn’t already silent. The stillness felt long, but it was only a second or two. “Yes, you are correct, Miss Dragonlite. Killsworth is surely King Pazki’s last name. I am, as what most of you are thinking right now, his son,” Ruki said. It wasn’t anything to hide from.

A lot of gasps and wows came from the student. Many started talking about how interesting or scary it was. Ennax glanced over at Rika and saw her staring at the students chattering. “Alright everyone, please settle down. I didn’t expect anyone to have known that,” Ruki said clapping his hands and quickly glimpsing at Rika and Ennax. “Now before we start our first lesson, we should introduce ourselves. Let’s start on the side near the windows.”

In the classrooms, there are at least forty students. Every year in Oradema Academy, two hundred students come in, more or less. There isn’t a certain split between the races, but mainly whoever turns in their form first.

Ennax Orsone introduced himself and gave a bow before sitting down. The introductions went down his row and slowly climbed up to Rika. “I’m Miran Leaflet and I’m and elf. I like climbing trees and seeing things from above,” said the girl behind Rika. She gave a slight nod before sitting down in her seat.

“And our last, but not least, student that still needs to introduce herself,” said Ruki, still smiling like a cheerful puppy.

Rika pushed the desk out of her way and slammed it down with her open palm before it fell down. Everyone looked up in surprise. Rika looked around before giving a smirk. “Now that everyone is paying attention,” Rika started off. “The name’s Rika! Rika Killsworth! I am the younger sister of the teacher in this classroom and the only daughter of King Pazki!”

She slammed the desk again and gave a wide Cheshire grin. “Now I have heard a lot of foul stuff about my brother and me! If anyone doesn’t mind to tattle themselves or get their ass kicked by a girl, then you better start sending your invitations!!”

Rika pulled back her desks and a bell rang. The students quickly or slowly left the classroom to get a break. Ruki and Ennax sighed and did a face-palm at the same time. “What’s wrong you two? Everyone was astonished! My entry was epic!!”

“Overly epic. Rika, what’s with that sudden burst of energy?” asked Ruki. “You were first all grumpy at least thirty minutes ago and now you’re all jumping and most likely soon will be throwing desks.”

Ennax slightly laughed, but stopped after seeing Rika glaring at him. “Ah…excuse me?”

The three look at the doorway and saw a girl clothed in a silky green dress peeking in. “Hello there Rika, Ruki, and Ennax,” she said in a very quiet voice.

“Lily!!” exclaimed Rika. She hugged the girl tightly.

“I heard your introduction from class 1-C,” Lily said pointing at the classroom next to 1-E. “It…it was so amazing!”

Liliana Ivyora, called Lily mainly by very close friends, is a childhood friend of Rika’s. The Ivyora family has been working under the royal Zatania kings and queens since the kingdom was made. Liliana was born two months after Rika and because she’s was born sick, she dislikes going outside. She’s a maid under Rika, but Rika dislikes calling her that. Liliana’s hair is a lovely ivy green shade which is pulled up in four buns: one above each ear and one off to the side of each ear. If she took off the buns, her hair would flow past her waist. Rika watches Liliana very closely and vice versa and because Liliana is very tight to Rika, very few know she’s good in combat because of her sickly figure. She specializes in using kitchen utensils.

“At least there’s someone who likes my acting,” said Rika glaring at Ruki.

Lili blushes a bit and then tugs on Rika’s brown jacket sleeve. “Let’s go outside…there is still a lot of time to have a break,” Lily said gently.

Rika nodded and motioned her hands to Ennax to come along. Ennax got up and before he left the classroom, Ruki beckoned Ennax towards him. “Keep watch of Rika. I’m sure some people will try to pick a fight with her,” said Ruki. Ennax nodded and hurried to Rika and Lily.

The End

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