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A bright day it was. The month of August the humans would say. It was also the first day of school for the younglings of the six species. Around the age of thirteen, they start going to and living in a school that is ethnically mixed. Before, they are taught by their parents the basics.

Oradema Academy is the name of the school, named after the world Aurion made. It’s the only school in Oradema and it was built by Aurion right in the middle of Oradema. The small island Oradema Academy was built on is all school ground. In the middle of the island is the large school campus, where all the classes take place. Surrounding it are the dorms the students stay in when they are away from home. The dorms are ethnically places, not to be racist, but to not let any sudden fights to happen. There are forty-two dormitory buildings. Seven years for the six species. As for the classes, they are mixed. Whether the students, the parents, anyone, like it or not.


Before that though, the story starts off in the large country of Zatania. A dark place many would say, but that’s only from what they think. Zatania is a beautiful place for people who has lived there and been there. Though the scenery seems sinister with spewing lava, fire popping on the sides of the road, with heavy black soil exploding with dark-themed flower gardens, one couldn’t change it because they wanted to. Zatania’s land and climate made Zatania the way it looked. Only a few would be disgusted to see terrain like how Zatania is. To the people who lived in Zatania, this was how it flourished.

Now in the large country of Zatania, around the mid-upper east, past jagged mountains that seemed to be large glimmering claws of a dragon, there is the kingdom where King Pazki and his family and servants stay. Just like the title says, King Pazki is the king of Zatania. Many would expect him to be a tyrant for the reason that Zatania is mostly of demons. But no, Pazki is a nice man. Has a lovely boy and girl, and servants who love to work under him, paid or unpaid. Pazki was that type of man, or demon if you would say. All the races, and even his kind, find it suspicious. How un-demon-like they would whisper to each other. But he started the drastic event.

Rika Killsworth was the daughter of King Pazki. Very un-princess-like. A tomboy. She most likely has gotten this trait since her mother died when she given birth to Rika. And always sticking close to her father and brother. Rika Killsworth, in a sense, was like a young boy. Loud, a bit obnoxious, and disliked anything that had to do with girls. She wouldn’t call herself a princess, but one who was in the highest royal family of Zatania. She didn’t flood herself with pretty dresses and jewelry. She kept herself simple, knowing that, deep inside, she is just a simple demon in the end. Her short Prussian-blue hair was short, a bit untidy, and fanned out on the back kind of like a lampshade. Rika never tried to grow it out long because she would say, in her own words, “it would just too much trouble.”

This year would be Rika Killsworth start in Oradema Academy. A letter was given to her father about the importance of entering Oradema Academy. King Pazki had no objections towards it, nor did Rika. She knew she would be fine going to Oradema Academy, only because she knew she wouldn’t be there alone. There were two people close to her that she knew would be there: Ruka Killsworth and Ennax Orsone.

Ruki Killsworth was Rika’s older brother by at least eight years. He was a teacher at the age of twenty in Oradema Academy. A fine man and, unlike Rika, was a gentleman. His hair, closely resembling Rika’s style, was much shorter and neater. Though he also didn’t garb himself in royal clothes, he was a quiet man who didn’t say much and disliked getting into arguments. Un-demon-like like his father, people gossiped. But a kind and fine man, like his father, people complimented.

Ennax Orsone is from the highest-ranking royal demon family of knights. He would have been Ruki’s knight if he wasn’t six years younger than him. He, instead, is Rika’s knight. One would think the one he would look up to would be his father, Xander Orsone, but Ennax never remembered his father or mother’s face. Ennax was a mysterious knight, said to be the only surviving Orsone left. Like Ruki, he doesn’t say a lot. If he does speak though, it would mainly be towards Rika. Ennax is very defensive of Rika and has stated he “will give up his life to protect the royal line.” His faint navy blue hair was silky and spiked downward, around the same length as Rika’s if not a bit shorter. Ennax would have been in Oradema Academy two years ago, but he promised to go when Rika started school.

The End

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