In a world unseen by humans, no matter how far they go out of their home planet, there is a war that has been stirring long before history was written. Angels and demons, elves and vampires, tarons and summons. They all lived in the hidden world of Oradema.

            Oradema. Though already clarified that it is unseen by humans, many people have made references of it. Land of the dead. Heaven. Hell. A paradise. And so on. It was made by people might call a god or a reaper, who goes by the name of Aurion. Time and space was made. The darkest pitch and the brightest light. Milky ways, planets, and life. All was slowly made and Aurion slowly fell upon Earth, the land of humans. He created the human species to resemble how he looked. What does this have to do with Oradema? Well, Oradema was created to be a land for the souls of the dead to reside before they went back down to Earth. Then what does it have to do with the six races I spoke of in the last paragraph?

            To keep things simple, Oradema is a world that is wrapped around Earth. Invisible to the naked eye and even the best technology ever made, and only the dead and the six races can be there. It may seem a small world, but the size is unlimited. Many people don’t know that.

            The human spirits stay in Oradema and work for years (or millenniums, judged by how they acted on Earth) until they can go back to Earth, with no memories of their past lives and Oradema. It’s all part of Aurion’s job to make sure everything is going correctly in the galaxies he made.

            The six races know about Earth. Many don’t care. Many are curious. Many of the races fight against each other, unlike the humans down on Earth for land and money, for fame and for their race. They want to show the others who’s better and who should stay on top. Racism was born in Oradema.

Aurion hated the fights, but he wouldn’t move his fingers to stop the fight because he created the beings. And he loved all that he created.

Now back between Oradema and Earth. The six races cannot get to Earth, but they do know about it. Wait, they cannot go? How strange because I’m sure it happened one time.

And this story is about that one time.

            This is also the story where the fights slowly came to a halt.

            It revolved around a young demon girl. A strange girl she was. Her name was Rika Killsworth.


- Parrea

The End

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