Every Show Begins With a Bang!Mature

Sydney had many habits, whether it be a pen swaying in her fingers or she was tapping her feet, most of them were annoying habits. This one however, was productive. She played an imaginary piano on her lap in the car, hitting every imaginary note perfectly and hearing the real tune playing in her head. She almost fell asleep from the tune.

“I think you got that not wrong,” said her mom, looking over at her moving fingers. Sydney’s fingers twitched and she lost the tune.

“Thanks mom, you lost it for me!”

“No problem,” her mom looked at her in the eyes and a grin spread across her face. She looked back at the road and time stopped. A scream echoed through the car and Sydney looked out the windshield, her head not turning fast enough to catch the transport truck coming at them. Sydney opened her mouth to scream, but was greeted with screeching metal and squealing tires instead of her own screams. Every second seemed like an hour as Sydney surveyed her surroundings. Even without a close look, she could tell she was going to die. She closed her eyes, but that didn’t stop the fear. She had one thing left to do.

Let there be pianos in Heaven. If I don’t have my piano, I’ll die.

Then, her head connected with the airbag and she blacked out.

Beep. . .

Sydney could feel people around her, but she couldn’t see them. She saw colours behind her eyelids, dancing smoothly and mixing with each other.

Beep . . .

The colours joined all together, creating a black spinning mess. She tried to grasp the colours back with her mind, watching helplessly as the faint colours faded into the black.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Sydney’s eyelids fluttered and they opened to a black night sky. She thought she could hear someone crying, but she wasn’t sure.

“Her fingers are moving!” a man shouted in the distance. His voice was muffled and quiet. “She’s doing something with her fingers!” She tried to sit up, but her muscles weren’t working. “Don’t move,” said the same manly voice.

“Piano . . . play . . . concert,” Sydney’s eyelids fluttered again and she slipped away from consciousness and away from the man and the crying in the distance. She slipped away from her old life to open a new one full of possibilities.

The End

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