Opus 1. The Piano and The AmnesiacMature

Sydney is a talented pianist, a musical prodigy, but on the way to a big concert, an out of control transport truck ends all of her dreams. Now, with no memories and the incapability to play piano, Sydney must find a way to get her memories back, or some way to make do in the world without any experience.

Sydney hummed to herself as her fingers hit the keys, and the keys activated the hammers, and the hammers hit the strings letting loose beautiful, pure notes. Every note grabbed her heart strings and played a second song, a harmony to her reality. When she’d finished, she felt something inside her fall.

“Beautiful,” said her mother who sat beside her on a chair.

“Do you think its good enough for tonight?” she was playing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. It was one of her easier pieces, being accompaniment and not a piano song, but she liked it. Plus, now she could sing it along with playing her other pieces.

“I think you’re going to be wonderful,” Her mother smiled and patted her head, getting up from her chair and leaving the room. When she opened the door, Sydney could hear the sounds of her father’s snores in the living room. She could picture him, beer cans surrounding him and drool falling out of his mouth. She was ashamed of him, she didn’t like it, but she was. “We need to leave in about an hour,” said her mom, popping her head back in.

“Oh man!” Sydney ran out the door, ducking under her mother’s arm and up the stairs to her room. She grabbed the pale blue dress sitting on her bed and the white flats on her floor. She slid them both on and realized she hadn’t brushed her teeth. “Shit!” She looked around her room for a solution and found it in her jeans pocket which she was still wearing under her dress. “Gum!” she grabbed two pieces, slipped off her jeans and looked at herself in the mirror, smiling.

Brown, slightly wavy hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her bangs were perfectly spread out across her forehead and her blue bracelets complemented her dress wonderfully.

“I love this colour,” she ran from her room, her shoes slapping the floor as she went down the stairs and jumped to the front door. “Ready!” she called.

“Well then, let’s go!”

The End

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