It sucks when you don't get what you want. It sucks when nothing goes as planned. This is what makes 16 year0ld Cat so indifferent about her life. But when a new boy enters the Chemistry lab on that faithful day, her life slowly changes. The impossible turns possible and the hidden is revealed, more importantly Discoveries and realizations are made. Can she handle the responsibility of being what she was born to be?

I have been staring at my reflection for 5 minutes. Not out of vanity, but of reassurance. I'm not sure if I can count on being reassured by anyone else. I'm not sure if anyone believes in me yet since I haven't accomplished things that they care about. I chant in my head .....I hope I'll get the lead part.

"Cat, Sweetie, it's time to go," My mom said interrupting my chanting. She looks at me softly. I know that she knows how I am when it comes to rejections. She knows that I don't want her to point it out though, not after the last time she did. 

I hastily pick up my things and stuff them in my satchel. I always do things at the last minute. My mom hates that habit of mine.

I run down the stairs as I hear my dad starting up the engine of our car. I walk out of the front door, while locking it and proceed to the car.

The car ride to my school was a silent one. I rarely have conversations with my dad since we seldom get along. He drops me off by the front gates of the school. I don't mind being driven to school by my dad since there aren't much people here on a Saturday. Only the thespians are here, and they don't usually stay outside.

I walk toward the auditorium. My hands were shaking and my heart was beating so fast. I really want this part, I've really worked hard on perfecting my acting on the character and I just want to be the lead for once. 

I see someone walking ahead of me, it was Lisa. I'm not sure if I should walk up to her and ask is she's as nervous as I am, but I do anyway. I fold up my arms by my chest to hide the shaking as I approach her.

"Hey Lisa!" I yell. My voice echoes in the empty hallway as she looks back toward me and stops walking. 

"Aren't you nervous for announcement of the cast list today?" I ask her, hoping I don't show any signs of nervousness.

"Yeah I am," She says even if it's evident in her features that she's confident. Lisa was good at well, a lot of things. She was the most popular girl in school, and people say she's down to earth. I'm not really sure if I wholeheartedly agree with them because I've seen some glimpses of her that don't seem so down to earth.  Seeing her this confident makes me feel smaller. And I'm already too small for my age.  

We walk into the auditorium at the same time as Ms. Vakyofische glances up.

"Finally you two are here, now we can announce the cast list," she says exasperatedly.

Ms. V grabs the clipboard from her desk as she reads through the list of characters. I chew on m lip as I started to chant in my head again. I look over at Lisa, and to be honest, I've never wished for someone not get the part so badly until now. 

"So our Helena will be.." Miss V stops for a sec before she says "...Lisa Navner."

The End

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