Chapter 2Mature

     "Remind me again how you did that?"

     Arekushia and Arisu lived about five blocks away from each other, but Gabriel was able to get them to the other girl's house in less than seconds. Within the blink of an eye, they were teleported from Arisu's bedroom to Arekushia's doorstep. "When you're an angel, you need to be able to get to places quickly in order to complete a task. No time can be wasted," he told her. Arisu nodded her head in understanding and prepared herself for what lie behind the door. She took a large step back when Gabriel connected his foot to the entrance and watched in amazement as it swung open from the blow. Gabriel backed up, gestured to the door and said, "Ladies first." Arisu smiled faintly and walked inside with her guardian following close behind her.

     "Shh," he rasped after a few steps, placing a hand on her shoulder. Arisu stopped and listened intently. Nearby, she could hear the sound of a deep snarl or gargle. She had been in this house many times before. She knew that the doorway to her left lead into a spacious living room which was illuminated by a Christmas tree in the far corner. She also knew that Arekushia had a golden retriever, Runt, which is who she thought was making the strange snarling sound she and Gabriel were hearing. But Gabriel seemed to have a better idea; he continued marching forward and stood firmly in the doorway. Arisu went up behind him, peeked around him and scanned the room. She looked away instantly when noticing what Gabriel had his eyes locked on.

     On the floor in the middle of the room was another teenage looking angel with wings sprouting from his back. He had moppy sand-blonde hair, grey eyes, bright caramel skin, and a pair of golden dog ears along with a matching tail. Not beautiful like Gabriel, but attractive like a male model. And there he was on the living room floor. Chewing on a foot long bone. Naked.

     Gabriel heaved a sigh and shook his head in disappointment. "Michael," he called sternly. The naked dog-boy looked up giddily, bounded over to the black haired angel and wrapped his arms tightly around him, tail wagging. Gabriel winced, not amused.

     "Gabe! Buddy! Long time, no talk! Haven't seen you like this for a year, you look great dude," the dog-boy, Michael, exclaimed. With a smirk, he added, "Much better than seeing you almost every day as some cat I just want to chase and bark at." Michael looked over Gabriel's shoulder and spotted Arisu hiding behind him. Almost at once, he pushed the other angel aside and hugged her as well. "Arisu-chan!"

     Feeling the uncomfortable rub of exposed skin against her thin-cloth nightgown, Arisu squirmed and screamed, "Down, boy, down!" This was definitely Runt, Arekushia's dog. No. Guardian angel. Michael, aka 'Runt', whimpered and backed off quickly. Gabriel made a slight scowl and smacked him upside the head.

     "Don't get too used to being a dog. You should know better than to act on a woman like that," he scolded him. Arisu blushed slightly when being referred to as a woman. Michael rubbed the back of his head and pouted.

     "Well pardon me for my adhd behavior," he muttered a bit sarcastically. He put his hands on his hips and looked down at his body. "Maybe I could use some clothes." With the snap of his finger, an outfit had appeared on him from out of nowhere. Instead of being naked, he now wore formal black pants, a tucked in black shirt with a collar, a pair of loafers and a pink tie. "Real men wear pink," he added proudly. Arisu looked at him in awe for a second then giggled lightly.


     All heads turned to the small voice entering the other side of the room. The voice belonged to a girl who was about two inches taller than Arisu, had beautiful, long auburn hair, bright hazel eyes, tan skin and wore a white spaghetti strap top and sky blue pajama shorts. She also had floppy golden dog ears and matching tail."Areku--!" Michael shouted as he shot towards her; but before he could, Gabriel grabbed him by the back of his shirt, holding him back.

     Arisu then walked over to her friend and hugged her in greeting. When the girl, Arekushia, pulled away, she questioned, "What's going on here?"

     The cat-girl smiled nervously. "It's hard to explain," she said. Gabriel let go of Michael and stepped over to the girls.

     "Allow me," he offered, bowing to the dog-girl. Arekushia's jaw dropped the moment she noticed his majestic wings. Gabriel smirked. "My name is Gabriel – I am a messenger angel from the next life. I am also Arisu's guardian angel," he started off, "you may also know me as 'Midnight-chan'." When he said that, two black cat ears popped up on his head. Arekushia looked at Arisu in disbelief, but she only responded with an honest nod.

     Gabriel extended his arm and gestured to Michael who was scratching his dog ear with his right foot. The black haired angel raised an eyebrow and went on, "This is Michael...'Prince of heavenly hosts'. He is your guardian." Michael ended what he was doing and grinned widely, waving excitedly at Arekushia who just looked at him oddly.

     "Runt," Arisu prompted her.

     "Right," her friend muttered, keeping her eyes locked on her angel with an unreadable expression. Arisu sighed and turned her attention to a clock on the wall.

     "Four a.m," she whispered, "Areku-chan, where are your parents?" Arekushia yawned.

     "They' re gone for the next few days to go Christmas shopping for me in America," she told her, "they hired a nanny to watch me in the daytime. Runt...or Michael...was supposed to be my watchdog at night." Arekushia was great at making these things sound like no big deal since she came from a wealthy family like their other friend, Nikoretto, but the dog-girl had more of a tendency to like to brag about her luxurious lifestyle.

     "I think we should all just go back to bed and worry about all of this in the morning," Arisu suggested tiredly, stretching her arms. Gabriel's expression turned solemn and he shook his head.

     "No can do, we need to get to Burrekku and Nikoretto as soon as we can," he said decisively. Michael's mouth even went into a straight line when heard him say that.

     "What for?" Arisu and Arekushia asked in unison.

     "We'll explain later," Gabriel answered. With that, he grabbed Arisu's hand, and Michael grabbed hold of Arekushia's.

     "What're you--?" but before Arekushia could finish her question, all four of them vanished.

The End

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