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Imagine finding out your beloved pet is actually your guardian angel in disguise. Now imagine your angel telling you that it's your duty to save the world from a demonic invasion threatening to over-throw mankind. Would you be able to do it - and you're not even a teenager yet?

     Arisu Shuzouka giggled as she sang along to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer playing on the TV screen in front of her. It was a week before Christmas in legendary Lil' Tokyo, Japan, and Arisu was planning to use every moment of it expressing her joy for the holiday along with friends Arekushia, Nikoretto, and Burrekku as well as her cat, Midnight-chan. Arisu was a 12 year old cat-girl with white cat ears and a fluffy tail to match; she also had short brown feathery hair, big brown eyes and creamy white skin. That night, she laid on her stomach at the foot of her bed in her ruffled pink nightgown with Midnight-chan, a big black cat who was curled beside her, and watched about five different Christmas movies in a row.

     By the time the last movie was over, she let out long, loud yawn and turned her head towards the digital clock on the end table next to her bed. She moaned when she saw it read '12:00' then plopped her head back onto the bed, nuzzling her face into the covers. That's when Midnight-chan perked his ears and let out his own squeaky yawn before arching his back and crawling closer to Arisu, rubbing up against the side of her head. The young girl looked up and scratched the cat gently behind his ears. "I know, boy, its bed time," she told him. Then, adding a giggle, "I'm just excited; it's the most wonderful time of the year, y'know?" Midnight-chan mewed eagerly and bounded over to a Hello Kitty pillow at the head of the bed, then curling himself back into a ball upon it.

     Arisu stayed where she was and puffed out a sigh. Closing her eyes halfway, she lazily grabbed the purple blanket beneath her and pulled it over her body. After a few moments, she became settled enough to close her eyes fully, seconds from being asleep. "Goodnight, Midnight-chan," she whispered. One second later she was no longer awake.

     "Goodnight... Arisu-chan..."


"...Zebra print... A."

"...Hearts... A."

"...White, pink, black... A."

     Arisu tossed and turned in her sleep. In her dream, she could only see an ominous black cloud, but could hear the sound of crackling thunder, moans and the sounds of people screaming. Then... a glow...getting brighter and brighter...

     Arisu shot up in her bed sweaty and breathing heavily. Quickly, she held her breath and there was silence. After what seemed like a lifetime of trying to get her thoughts together, she hesitantly looked around her room.

     That's when she saw him.

     Standing next to her drawer with one of her bras in his hands, frozen and staring blankly back at her.

     "RAPIST!!!" she cried, slamming herself backwards into the wall on the other side of her bed. Instantly, the young man dropped her bra and threw his hands in the air.

     "Arisu! Please, don't scream," he pleaded desperately, "It's only me...'Midnight-chan'." Arisu shot him a look as if she was seeing he had three heads.

     "M-midnight-chan?.." her eyes darted across the room. Her cat was nowhere in sight. The intruder nodded and slowly lowered his arms.

     "That's right, Arisu." Careful not to startle her, he took a step back. But Arisu shook her head in disbelief.

     "Impossible. Midnight-chan's my cat. Nya Nya."

     Hesitating, the stranger cautiously walked over to the bed and knelt beside it. Taking a portion of the blanket in his hand, he took a whiff of it and looked up at her. Arisu looked back down at him and their eyes met.

     "Sammy...that's what you named this blanket when you were younger in memory of your last cat, Sam, right?" Arisu bit her lip and nodded. He was correct. There had been only seven people she had told that to. Midnight-chan had been one of them.

     "If you're Midnight-chan," she started, "how are you human?" No. human wasn't the word to describe him. She was too dazed to really capture any of his features earlier, but now seeing him clearly, she was taking in every detail. His wavy black hair shimmered down to his shoulders, his glistening blue eyes were like two bottomless lakes, his light skin looked as new as a newborn's, and his facial structure suggested he was no more than 17. He wore a pure white tuxedo made of a fine cloth and flat, polished black shoes with not a scratch on them. On his back were two enormous wings that shone beautifully in the moonlight that was being casted into the room.

     He was an angel.

     He bowed his head and spoke, "Let me re-introduce myself. You already know me as Midnight-chan, your cat, however that is only my earthly identity." Arisu just stared at him. He took a deep breath and continued, "The truth of the matter is, I am indeed an angel from the next life, and my actual name is Gabriel. However, I am not just a mere angel – I am your guardian angel." The young girl blinked once, her eyes still wide.

     "So... how...I'm not sure I understand," she stammered. Gabriel stood back up and offered a hand to her.

     "This is who I really am. I was sent to look after you in the form of a cat because chances are if I showed up to you as an angel, you wouldn't have handled it so well." Arisu took his hand and edged an inch closer, intrigued. He went on, "Same thing with Arekushia, Nikoretto, and Burrekku; their pets are also guardians in disguise. It's around this time of year we can transform back to what we really look like. You can even call either of your friends right now, and they'd be able to find out. The reason we were sent to the four of you is because you all are very special, and you all can make a difference in the world."

     Arisu was overwhelmed; there was no other way to describe the feeling. Yet there was something inside her that possessed her to lunge at him, wrap her arms around his waist and bury her face into his stomach. She stood pressed against him at a meek four feet, nine inches; he remained planted standing six feet tall. Gabriel smiled warmly and tightly embraced her.

     Then Arisu deflated.

     "If angels are suppose to be so holy...what were you doing going through my bra drawer?" she asked smugly. Gabriel smirked, releasing his hold on her.

     "Last time you and Arekushia had a sleepover, you were designing bras for each other, were you not? So I was thinking I might get you one as a Christmas present, and therefore I needed to check what cup size you were," he explained casually. In response, Arisu glared at him bitterly. The 'angel' rolled his eyes. "If you want your breasts to get any bigger, or even just for yourself to get any taller, you should drink more milk," and with that he poked her chest. The young girl immediately slapped his hand away and used both arms to cover her chest, blushing deeply.

     "Pervert! I'm only in sixth grade – both my sizes are reasonable!" she countered. Gabriel shrugged nonchalantly.

     On a different note, he added, "So are you going to call any of the girls to see if they've found out or not?" Arisu huffed and walked over to the cordless phone on her night stand. She took the phone in her hand, sat on the edge of her bed and began dialing Arekushia's number. Arekushia and Arisu had been friends since they were infants, and whenever something came up, Arekushia would be the one Arisu would tell first and vice versa. Gabriel sat next to Arisu and listened closely.

     Arisu held the phone to her ear; three rings, and the phone picked up on the other line. "Areku-chan, there's something going on –" she started, but before she could finish, she was interrupted by a blood curdling shriek on the other end.

     "Arisu-chan!" it was Arekushia, "help me! Neither of my parents are home, and there's a man in the living room!..." Arisu and Gabriel exchanged glances. "...and he's naked!"

The End

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