Throughout the rest of the day, I wished to myself that I hadn't punched the bully. It was a big mistake, and although I hadn't been bothered by anybody today, I was constantly reliving the incident in my head, imagining what it would be like to have stopped myself before contact had been made.

But why would they suddenly fear me? Just because I stood up for myself one time, why would they now start avoiding me?

Throughout the day, I waited anxiously and nervously for some kind of confrontation. To be converged upon by five or so bullies, and for them to beat me up once more in revenge for my revenge upon them.

But nobody bothered me, and that shocked me. Maybe the bullying had come to an end. Maybe now that they saw that I wasn't worth the hassle, they would lay off me. If only I had realised it sooner! Not that I was proud of my actions, but if they would have stopped this all a long time ago, I would have lashed out years ago.

I remained positive for the rest of the day, finally thinking clearly, and finally feeling at ease. I no longer had to worry about the walk home from school. I could be my academic and socially rejected self, and it wouldn't spur any reaction from anybody. Everybody would know to just leave me be, because if they didn't, there'd be trouble.

I must stress once more, my actions didn't make me proud - I didn't want to be regarded as a violent person and avoided in fear, but it was nice to know that the torment from the other kids was over. However, as well as everything had seemed to clear up, I couldn't help but fear a tiny morsel of regret in the pit of my stomach.

Despite this feeling, I realised that it was too late to do anything now, and so I forgot about the guilt and the regret, and enjoyed my first free day in three years.

But as I quickly found out, my actions earlier would have massive repurcussions on me - both positive and negative.

The End

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