Spinning round, I am being watched on all sides by what seems like a thousand mechanical eyes. Robot watchers. But this is no science fiction adventure, like in one of my books. This is an act of secondary school terrorism - the bullies out to play.

Several heartless monsters have formed a circle around me, and are taking it in turns to try to push me over. I stand my ground, trying not to let their cruelty bother me, but it's hard to stay strong.

Some of the watchers are filming the incident on their phones. They are not the ones that are doing the actual physical bullying, but the hurt they cause me is more psychological. I know, just as sure as I'll be going through this same torment tomorrow, that the incident will be available for all to see on YouTube and Facebook within the next few hours.

'Fat Franklyn!' They scream at me, once again trying to knock me to the ground. I guess they think it's funny - I guess they think that if I get knocked down, I'm too heavy or round to get back to my feet.

I'm not really that fat. Just... Festively plump. Kind of jolly-looking, with a rounded face and a little more meat than others my age.

Most 14-year-old still have fairly good metabolisms. They can eat and eat and they won't gain any weight. But it seems I was busy the day that God was handing those out.

The End

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