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The first thing I noticed when I took one of the free seats, was the girl next to me. To say she was hyper was a big understatement.
“You're the new girl right? Jenny?” she asked, her voice friendly and her smile genuine.
“Jenna,” I politely corrected. She blushed and stumbled an apology. I opened my mouth to tell her not to worry when I heard snickering behind us. Her blush deepened and I quickly realised this was someone who got bullied a lot by the “it” girls at this place.
“Sandra's so desperate for a friend she'll go for ugly trash,” one of the girls said loudly. Well, at least I knew her name I thought. Sandra herself looked close to crying, what happened to the bubbly personality just moments earlier?

“Right,” I murmured and saw Sandra send me a curious glance. I stood up, pushing my chair back quickly enough for it to crash into the table behind us. I heard the two girls sitting there squeak in shock. I turned round and leaned down so I was eye level with them but still towering over them. It took a lot to repress the urge to flash fang but I managed it.
“I may not be that pretty, but at least I'm what you see. Your beauty is false, coming from piles of make-up and fashionably cloths. And I can hardly be considered trash when you know next to nothing about me, bitch. For the record, I think the word suits a cruel bully like you better.” I didn't wait for either of their response as they watched me with wide, shocked eyes.
“Nice to meet you,” I said, not bothering to hide my sarcasm. Because the blond bimbos probably needed to hear a lot of it to know it was there. I turned and sat back down and saw Sandra watching me with a open mouth.

“What? I was just being honest. And I could use a friend, this place is like a maze,” I said. The last part was a lie, I'd already figured out most of the place, but I figured she liked helping people.
“S-sure,” she said, her voice excited. The girls didn't giggle for the whole of the class, though I had no doubt they'd be some retribution in order tomorrow. Hopefully aimed at me and not Sandra. I let her guide me to the next class and met another friend of hers. The guy was nice enough though clearly enamoured with Sandra, which I could only class as a relief.
“So, why do the jock types bully Issac?” I asked, because he didn't strike me as the usual kind of target for bullies. Sandra raised an eyebrow in curiosity, the type that told me she was misreading my interest in him entirely.

“Well,” she stared, thinking but struggling for the words.
“He's kind of weird,” Keith interjected for her. Somehow that explanation seemed a little too thin to really explain the issue. My expression must've communicated as much as Keith opened his mouth to continue explaining.
“Hard to explain, but certain families in this town don't get on with others.” It didn't really help much but I sensed no lie in his words. And based on Sandra's vigorous head nodding, this was all she knew on the matter
“So, Carl comes from a snobby family while Issac comes from a less-than-desired background,” I summed up and Keith nodded.
“But he's a cool enough guy and looks out for others. Kind of like how you did for me. Thanks again for that,” Sandra said. I made an objective sound to the thanks and waved my hands.
“Don't worry. I hate people like that, I enjoyed myself making them feel stupid,” I said with a snicker to myself. Sandra shrugged, apparently still content with giving a thanks.

The End

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