The bell went, and so did Jenna. She just packed up her books and walked off to her next class. Of course I have a free period now.

With a sigh I got up, packing up the last few books she had left behind. Looking around I take a deep breath, defiantly something in her smell. It wasn’t quite right but it was very very interesting.

Walking out of the library I bumped onto my friend, “Kerry!!” I squeaked as I bumped into her. She was short, just shy of 5ft 4inches. Short black hair and deep green eyes. She gave a startled cry as she fell over and glared up at me.

“Sorry” I give her a shy smile and offer her hand up. She takes it, rolling her eyes at me “free period then?” I give a nod and a smile

“So nightshade then?” I say with a rather happy smile. Nightshade was a kind of supernatural café during the day, and a nightclub at night, plus it was the best place for the supernatural community to hang out at without having to be to careful.

“Sure” she says “But got to be back for just after lunch or ill skin your hide.” she gives me a cheeky grin as we head over.

The End

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