I've seen a lot of things, a lot of immature things, especially from the male side of the human species. The attempt at ghost noises wasn't even accurate and I seriously considered dragging whoever was responsible to an actual haunted location and watch their reaction. I rolled my eyes and breathed in, recognising it to be Issac. The same guy who had seemed so happy to ignore me before.
“What, not amused?” he asked, leaning against the bookcase before flopping down in front of me. I studied him with a skeptical look. He saw what I was doing and one side of his lips quirked upwards.
“Ohh, homework?” he asked, his false cluelessness was beginning to annoy me. His nose twinged from the dust and I wondered if he had a mild allergy or something.
“So...” he trailed off, hands tapping a tuneless sound on his lap, his eyes averted upwards as he thought. I opened my mouth to tell him not to think too hard but he beat me to it.
“Tell me about you?” he asked. I blinked at him, thrown for more than one loop. I sighed and shoved the textbook in my bag.

“What do you want to know?” I asked, hoping this wasn't going to become a repeat of this morning. Stuck between the bookcases I could only smell dust and him. I expected it to challenge my control but it didn't. He still smelled human and all, but there was definitely something else.
“Anything. Not very often we get a new girl in town,” he replied with a nonchalant shrug. But the glint in his eye suggested he was more curious than he was letting on. Could it be he wasn't entirely human and recognised what I was? No, couldn't be. There are a lot of species out there, but most live in seclusion with their own kind, hidden from humanity. It was just simpler that way sometimes. Me and my mum were the exception, seeing as whoever my dad was didn't like the idea of an illegitimate child. Some vampire clans were complete snobs when it came to keeping bloodlines “pure”. Just because my mum was originally human, it didn't make her any less a vampire.

“You still here?” Issac asked and I realised I'd gotten lost in my own internal thoughts.
“I moved from London, mum wanted a better job and found one here,” I replied. That and a fresh start where no one knew us. I might have gotten into a rough patch with the other young vamps there.
“Hmm,” he said, still watching me carefully, though I could see that bored expressions returning a little.
“So, on the scale of things you're pretty normal,” he murmured. I considered taking offence but that might be considered odd. I wanted people to think of me as normal afterall.
“So,” he started, meeting my hazel eyes squarely when I didn't move to reply.
“Why did you turn jerk down? I figured a normal girl would be head over heels for someone like him.” I glared at him and stood up. I'd have to find some back corridor to hide in instead.

“It's my first day, I knew nothing about him. And looks are only part of a person, and rarely the selling point,” I said harshly. What kind of girl did he think I was? I didn't wait to hear some kind of explanation and disappeared. Luckily the bell rang soon after and my next class had no Issac present.

The End

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