I scratched my nose as we left the room. “Jenna, Jenna” I muttered as I wondered outside to eat my lunch.

My usual tree was free, and I flopped down next to it enjoying the shade and the breeze. “Jenna” I muttered again, something was really bothering me about that girl. Sure she was pretty, not much of a looker like the blondes. But defiantly pretty.

Pulling out my sandwich I quickly devoured it, she was still on my mind by the time it was gone. “Jenna!” I let out alittle snarl as I jumped up.

Stalking back inside, I stop outside the class room and gave a few subtle sniffs. Quickly grabbing her scent I followed it right up to her.

She had her head buried into a book as I tilted my head and grinned. Hiding behind a stack of books I start to make ghost noises.

She looks up and rolls her eyes at the bookcase as I pop around.

“What, not amused?” I ask as I plonk myself in front of her. “ooh homework” I give a grin and tilt my head, giving a few sniffs pretending to be irritated by the dust.

“so..” I pat my lap in a bored way “Tell me about you?”

The End

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