Jenna: Avoiding sunshineMature

I winced at the loud yell coming from the corridor and glanced at the classroom door. I recognised the voice and hoped someone wasn't being bullied just because I'd upset the guy. I heard the girls behind me giggling, if it weren't for my hearing I might've been paranoid it was about me. But they were making fun of some guy named Issac. They're idea of humour was amusing, in the sense of how dumb they were. The guy that actually walked into the class didn't match their opinions I thought. Last I checked tall with ruff-able brown hair were good things. I averted my eyes to the teachers as his gaze fell on me. Then I realised it wasn't so much, but the only empty seat left in the room.

I heard the wood squeak as he pulled the chair out and slumped next to me, bored blue eyes watching the teacher talk. Something about the Cold War. If I had homework issues, I'd just ask mum to tell me about it. Having someone who's seen a lot for a parent has it's advantages. His demeanour suggested he didn't enjoy school much, or maybe it was a result of the guy earlier. I ignored the twinge of guilt and studied him from time to time. My hair acting as a protective curtain so he hopefully didn't notice.

“Hi,” I finally murmured as the teacher started handing out books for someone to read a passage from. He flicked his gaze to me for a split second then turned back to the board.

“Hey,” he said, his voice indifferent. I frowned and looked at the textbook, wondering if I was doing something. Or if this guy was just the anti-social sort. Luckily the class didn't drag on too long. He stood up faster than me and I rushed to keep up.

“My name's Jenna,” I finally stumbled out, why did I feel so on edge around this guy? Again, hardly any interest in his expression.

“Issac,” he mumbled, then he turned and left. I watched as the rest of the class filtered out and wondered why on earth I felt so bewildered. He was just one guy, one human guy. It wasn't like me to care so much. I readjusted my shoulder bag strap and left the room. I'd already found the darkest spot in the library in between shelves near the back. I hunkered down and pulled out one of my textbooks, might as well get ahead of homework while I was here. I could hearing increased heart rates outside as people ran around enjoying the summer sunshine. I didn't dare go outside though, even if I could survive, the midday sun would give me horrible sunburn and fatigue. Not a good thing to be when surrounded by clueless humans.

The End

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