Day 1Mature

 Another morning and another day of school. My alarm going off again as I bury my head into the pillows, only to have my mum yell up at me in that motherly tone of “if you don’t get up now, I’m getting the cold water”.

I rolled out off bed, and grabbed what ever I could off the floor to wear. Giving the odd item a sniff here and there, tossing them to one corner if they offended my nose. I quickly dressed, nothing amazing, Black jeans, plain red t-shirt and a woolly grey jumpery thing from Christmas.

I jumped down the stairs, my mum had already prepared some breakfast on a paper plate. She was amazing, a single mum. My dad just vanished when she told him she was pregnant....the jerk.

Quickly, I grabbed the food and planted a kiss on my mums cheek. She was yelling something at me as I grabbed my bag and rushed out the door, properly something like “have a nice day” so I just shouted my usual “you to” as I closed the door. I love it. I ran up the steps leading to the main entrance of the school. The first warning bell already doings its tune, “time for classes...hahahaha” at me.

Rushing down the corridor to my first lesson I skid to a stop, as blocking the corridor was the school jock, talking to a rather prettyish girl.  What ever she said seemed to off upset him and pretty much every blonde bombshell wannabe in the corridor. For some reason that made me smile a lot as I started walking again.

Accidentally putting my shoulder into the jocks I spin slightly and gave a “sorry” as I walked off. His yell following me down the corridor to my next class.

“Issac you freak!” was the last thing I heard as I entered the room, just in time for my next class on the other side of the school.

The End

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