Opposing ForcesMature

Just a silly, random collab between me and Oggy.

I shuddered out a breath. not realising I had been holding my breath for all of the five seconds since the words had left his mouth. I blinked and stared at the floor, feeling my cheeks burn. I swallowed a deep breath and avoided his gaze as a spoke. I didn't want to see the hurt glimmer in his perfect blue eyes if I could avoid it.

“I'm sorry, but I can't see you.” I heard his shape intake of breath, felt his pulse jump and attacked my lower lip. I hated this, hated it so much. But he had no hope of understanding, and I couldn't ever explain.

“Sorry again,” I mumbled before he could give me some speech about how it was fine and he was happy to stay friends. Why did this happen everytime? No matter how many times mum moved us we encountered the same problem. It wasn't like I wanted to stand out, either as that freak or that mysterious, hot girl. I wasn't even that hot by human standards with my plain brown hair and hazel eyes and average height. It didn't take long for whispers to echo round and by the time I actually approached the door to my next class on the other side of the school various “it” girls were glaring my way.

Seeing as I had turned the guy down, I didn't understand why they were acting angry and jealous. I wanted to go back to London, in this small, nothing town everyone knew everyone. And I was a complete stranger. Would you believe me if I told you it my first day? If I let myself believe I could be normal, I would've accepted his offer in a heartbeat. But it wasn't that simple. My name's Jenna. And, well, you see the issue is - I'm a vampire. 

The End

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