opposing currents.

Free, Like a bird soaring thru the sky

Like a cheetah sprinting on an open plain.

No one wants to be trapped.

No one wants to be held back.

Its hard to get out once your being held captive,

Its like walking in a stream.

When you walk the way its flowing its easy, but when you turn around to go back...to break free it gets harder.

The current fights you,

You’re a disturbance to the flow of that stream and you are stuck fighting to be free.

If you’re not strong you will fall and be hoisted away… In the direction in which you are running.

So what will it be?

Just go wit the flow..?

Or fight the stream.?

You wont be fighting alone.

Jesus will hold your hand..


He can walk on water!

And with his help…

You wont have to worry about fighting your way free..

You can just enjoy the cold water on your feet.

And dance FREELY in the running stream.



The End

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