Chapter 8Mature

As I entered school the next day, there was a big mob of people around the principals office. I saw Evangeline standing in the back.

“What’s going on?” I yelled over the crowd.

“Loralei is in the office.” She replied.

“Oh my god, what happened?” I asked, thinking of yesterday at lunch.

“I’ll tell you in Art.” She replied as the warning bell rang and the group discoursed.

All of American history that morning I wrote down possible explanations for why Loralei was in the office.

Perhaps she’s getting an award of some sort.

Maybe she’s moving and needs to fill out info.

Maybe she’s talking to a counselor.

“Molly,” My head shot up to Mrs. Marfin’s voice at the front of the room.

“Yes, Mrs. Marfin?” I asked.

“The bell rang dear.” I looked up to find empty seats. Well shit isn’t today just great.

I took the pass Mrs. Marfin gave me, and after disposing of my books in my locker, walked into Art class.

“Okay Ev spill your guts.”

“Loralei beat up Andrew.” She said behind a layer of black hair.

“Loralei…but she’s so innocent.” I laughed at my own joke remembering when she poured kool-aid on her date to homecoming for refusal to slow dance.

“Oh yeah, a perfect angel.” Loralei replied with a giggle.

We looked up to see Loralei standing beside us.

“Loralei! I love you….now why in the hell did you beat up Andrew?” I demanded.

“Well it started off just talking…then he tried to kiss me.” Loralei replied. “It pissed me off.”

Just then Andrew sat down beside Evangeline. His eye was darkened and he had red marks on his jaw.

 “Hi Loralei, sorry things didn’t go exactly as you wanted, but we can try again.” He winked.

“Boy, I done kicked your ass once, how many times do you want me to do it?” She asked sharply.

Andrew walked away. I didn’t see him for the ret of the day. That is until lunch. The gang and I were sitting in the furthest corner in the lunchroom.

Loralei looked over to where Monique sits and shouted, “Oh heck nah.”

I followed her gaze to see Monique sitting on Andrew’s lap kissing him.

“He’s only doing it to make you jealous.” Theo said softly. “He told me in English last period.

“I’m officially kicking his ass.” Loralei yelled.

“Again.” Evangeline added just as firm.

“Guys don’t, I’ll just fight fire with fire. Any volunteers to be my fake boyfriend for awhile.” I added.

“Taken.” Gabe stated placing his arm around Loralei.

“Dido.” Theo smiled kissing Evangeline on the cheek.

“How about him?” Loralei smiled pointing to a red-head across the cafeteria.

“I don’t know who that is, or anything about him, or-”

“His name is Ridley Lopez. He’s Monique’s older brother.”

“Good plan Lor, hit her where it hurts.” I smiled giving my best friend a hug for her job well done.

I had a plan, and I intended to make it work.

The End

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