Chapter 3Mature

He just sat there scribbling into his notebook. I reread and reread the note. Unsure what to do next. I have to remember to thank god tonight for what happened next.


I picked up my red backpack, and shoved the note in my back pocket and headed to Advanced Art. This was always the class that set my tone for the rest of the day. It relaxed me, and was the only class I had an A in. My heart stopped when I walked through the door. He, Andrew, was standing there talking to Ms. Collins. I ducked inside and sat at my usual table, and was completely relieved when he sat at the other side of the room with his back turned toward me. The bell rang, and Ms. Collins stood in front of the class with a smile on her face.

"Well, today we are going to do portraits of one another." She explained. The whole class groaned.

" You get to pick who you do, and what utensils you want to do it with."

She sat down and put her earbuds into her ears. She was the coolest teacher ever. I walked over to the supply room, and got out a piece of sketch paper and a pen. My specialty. I sat back down at the table. Since Makenzi took band instead of art I was forced into making new friends which wasn't as hard as expected. Evangeline and Loralei sat in front of me, Ev with oil pastels, Lor with colored pencils. Evangeline had black hair and deep dark blue eyes; which popped out even more with her dark clothing. Loralie had dark brown wavy hair and soft brown eyes, sutle behind her light make up and baby blue ensemble. Andrew walked by just then and smiled at Ev and Lor.

" That's fine. Don't smile at me. That's always tight." I thought.

"Burn baby burn. Who is that?" Evangeline asked when he was out of hearing range.

"Yeah, he's yummy." Loralei exclaimed raising her eyebrows while still completely focused on her work.

"I-I really don't know.." I stumbled out. "He just started dismorning."

They didn't say another word about it. After Art the classes flew by due mostly to the fact that none of them were with Andrew. I sat behind the pine trees at lunch with Gabriel, Evangeline, Loralei, Theodore, and Makenzi. We rarely ever sat outside because it never stopped raining, but today it was sunny and dry.

"So what did you guys think of the new kid?" Theo asked his arm around Ev's waist. Lor stopped making out with Gabe  just long enough to listen to whatever came next.

"He was so hot." Makenzi, Lor, and Ev all said at the same time. Gabe elbowed Lor and they went back to kissing.

"I don't really know him yet, but I'm sure he's a nice guy." The words gagged me as they came out. The bell for 5th period rang, and the rest of the classes flew by. I walked to my locker after final bell to find a folded up piece of paper taped to it that said:

P.S.S. 7:00 Tonight.

Without thinking I knew exactly what he was talking about. The note I got earlier.

I knew exactly what I had to do.

The End

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